I weigh HOW MUCH ???

180Kg – that’s…..ummm….. Bloody Hell that’s nearly 400lb – hang on – ummm – 28s6lb – You’re kidding Right ??

But he wasn’t – My Doctor was deadly serious.   And I DO mean Deadly…

“Well Mark, it’s like this…  You’ve 2 choices when you go home from here…

1. You get very serious about a diet and exercise regime. or

2.  You call up your Pension Provider, and cash in the pension for whatever you can, because you’re not going to draw on it!”

To say this scared me was an understatement.   Especially as 2 weeks before, one of my best mates from School had died of heart failure in his sleep!

I’d actually gone to the doctors with another problem, I’d fallen off my pushbike, damaged my knee, and got a little road rash on my leg.   Sadly, it appears that the roadrash hadn’t been cleared out properly, and I’d come down with a dose of Celulitis, leaving my leg twice it’s normal size.   It’d happened before with the other leg, when I’d been whipped by some brambles that were below dog-pee level, so I recognised the symptoms, and headed straight to the Doc’s.   He wanted to prescribe antibiotics, but in order to make sure they were strong enough, he asked me to jump on the scales and check my weight.  Which is where we came in above…

He prescribed the antibiotics, and told me to come back in 2 weeks when the course finished, or before If it wasn’t improving.  When I returned 2 weeks later, he checked my leg, gave me a script for another type of Antibiotic “just to clear up the last bits” and asked if I’d given the diet any thought.   I said “i’ve already started… the tablets have upset my stomach a bit anyway, so it’s been easy to cut down on food, but I’ve found a few resources to help me count my calorie intake, and I think it’s working… can I hop back on the scales ??” – “Sure, help yourself…   Haven’t you any at home?” – “Not that will read above 21 stone, no”

Then he looked at the scale went “Hmmm” smiled, checked his computer and typed a figure into my records…”That’s pretty impressive Mark, even allowing for the loss of fluid you were holding in your Leg…   You’ve just lost 11kg in 14 days…  You are eating, aren’t you??” – “of course I am, though I don’t feel like eating much, because of the tablets, and, whatever I eat, is …err… passing through rather quickly…” – “Ahh, that’s not entirely unusual with those tablets,  these other ones might not upset you quite as badly.  – Anyway, what are you doing as far as diet ?”

So – I showed him my food diary for the last 2 weeks – he looked at it, said “this looks pretty healty – maybe cut down on the fats a touch more, but otherwise just stick with that for another couple of weeks, while I get an appointment with the dietician sorted out”


One comment on “I weigh HOW MUCH ???

  1. Anita Mac says:

    Good luck on your mission – I am sure the bike is helping!!!

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