Month 4 – Ride and Diet Review

Month 4 – 23rd October 2011 to 22nd November 2011

Starting Weight 335.7lb –  Closing  weight 319.4lb – Weight loss of 16.3lb

Starting BMI 44.5  – Closing BMI 42.3 – BMI drop of 2.2 points

Exercise Stats

25 days spent on the bike, for a total of 29h37min,

Average speed 12.9 mph

Miles Rode 381.22

Calories Burned 38,143 ( or the equivalent of  10.90lb of fat! – a 66.86% contribution to the overall weight loss this month)

Ride Report 21st November 2011

Another excellent ride today – roads were just too wet and horrible after last couple of days of fog and drizzle, so I thought I’d take to the bridleways and get the MTB out for a change. As a concession to it being late November, I even fitted the crudguards before setting off. Managed just over 15 miles, mostly offroad, on bridleways and disused rainway lines, but with a couple of quiet roads to lnk up the muddy stuff. Nothing technical, difficult or particularly challenging – in fact it would have been a perfect route for a ‘cross bike – a hardtail MTB with a good 4″ of suspension up front was certainly overkill

Route details should be available here  – sorry there’s no cadence data – i’ve never really felt the need for it on the offroad bike – it’s never really been about keeping up a smooth pedalling effort on the dirty stuff for me – it’s more about going out, and getting covered in mud, like you did when you were a kid – only now, there’s nobody to shout at you for doing it!

Only regret was I couldn’t find my over-shoes – and as I hit a 10″ deep puddle within the first mile, cold wet feet were pretty much the order of the day – it took a good 10 minutes in the shower before they began to look pink rather than blue…

Ride Report 17th November 2011

Brilliant ride today – did my West Bretton Loop over 4 minutes faster than last attempt – 2m22s of which was in the big climb.

Average speed up from 12.8 to 13.4mph overall and burning nearly 200kcal LESS… that MUST be something to do with being 15.8lb lighter than I was last time around…

Todays Ride log here

And what the statistics don’t tell you – it was a Beautiful Late Autumn Day – 6-7c (43-45f) Sunny, 5-6mph breeze and just fantastic to be out and riding the bike

Now – is a 1977kcal burn enough to justify a large coffee and a couple of biscotti  ??

Ride Report 12th November 2011

Today I just went for my “regular – i’ve got around 1 hour and need to get a riding fix” ride…

details of route and all the various stuff the Garmin 705 records here

Ride’s actually a little longer than this – I start and stop the Garmin recording outside the village police officer’s house, nearby where I live, just in case someone decides to break in and steal my bike

Today’s was a really good ride – made a bit of a late start – 2:30pm so the sun was getting a little low in the sky by the end of the ride, but blue skies, 12c temperatures and sun all the way around – quite a contrast to the weather for the last week, where there’s only really been one day where it’s not been raining

Felt so good on the bike, I actually caught and passed another bike rider ON AN UPHILL SECTION – that’s pretty much unheard of for me

2012 Distance Targets

At the moment i’m looking at my mileage mainly…

I’m shooting for 5,000km in the year – a bit of a step up from this year, and obviously subject to avoiding injury etc. Targets on a month by month basis as follows…

Jan 300km
Feb 350km
Mar 350km
Apr 500km
May 500km
Jun 500km
Jul 500km
Aug 500km
Sep 500km
Oct 350km
Nov 350km
Dec 300km

which, if I’ve got my maths right should come in at 5,000km. Not a massive amount by some peoples standards I admit, but it’s a 20% step up from my targets this year, and I’ve failed to achieve them for the first 8 months of they year (admittedly due to injury and illnesses) so I think any more might be a little optimistic.

My other goals are

1 – to continue losing weight at a sustainable level, working towards the weight target goals  i.e.

Mini Goals:
Start Weight – 397.7lb – 23rd July 2011
Mini Goal 1 – 350lb – Achieved 27th September 2011
Mini Goal 2 – 315lb – under way
Mini Goal 3 – 280lb – hey, 20 Stone is a landmark to me
Mini Goal 4 – 240lb – recommended max weight for Campag. – Buy a DeRosa c/w Record 11
Goal weight – 210lb – back to my fighting weight.

2 – to try and organise a local version of the “Dunwich Dynamo” – This should be a night ride from our local pub, setting off at midnight, and riding to the coast, hopefully getting there just in time for the sunrise on the shortest Saturday night/Sunday morning in summer… so around 75 miles in around 5 hours. I’ve a couple of mates who like the idea, but need someone to do the organising – if it happens, I think that it’ll be because I did the grunt-work.

3 – just to generally ride longer and further – increasing the time and distance of the rides – if I’m increasing the mileage, I know i’m going to have to get better recovery time as well. This year my mileage and ride time has been “capped” on doctors orders, which means I’ve been riding 6 days a week to get my “fix” and running around like a madman on the 7th day, to get all the regular errands etc. run. If I can ride 4 days a week, for twice as far, I can have a “mad errand day” and 2 days of recovery…

So, that’s it for the moment, though I may dream something else up as well

Winter Training Kit

Just had 3 days of constant rain here, I’m a keen cyclist, but I’m not ‘that’ keen… So, I’ve taken the opportunity to spend a little time getting my new toy sorted. Last week I purchased a new turbo-trainer – the Tacx Bushido, and all the computer gubbins to turn it into a fancy VR trainer, just to fight the drabs in the depths of winter. The Trainer hardware is great – works stand-alone, doesn’t need any mains power, so could conceivably use it for pre-time-trial warmups etc, in carparks/laybys, but with the addition of one little USB dongle and some clever software it links to the laptop and allows all sorts of fancy tricks…

Problem is, the clever software isn’t all that clever “out of the box” and it’s taken me 5 evenings of patching the software, scouring the support forums for tips, and loading different video codec’s etc. to get a system that works.

But – yesterday – i had a bit of a Woo-Hooooo moment – managed a 20 mile ride, mapped on Google Earth in real time as I rode it, with authentic up and down hills as taken from the Garmin 705 tracklog i’d recorded of the ride last summer – even had my real-life ride along as a virtual companion to see how i was going… The resistance on the Bushido seemed pretty close to authentic too, maybe a little tougher on the up-gradients, and of course, you can’t free wheel on the down hills – but if I’m on the turbo trainer, I want to be training, not free wheeling anyway…

Next step is to paint the end wall of the workroom in some white eggshell paint, and get that video projector i’ve still got from my time as a on-the-road computer systems trainer put to good use… Grrrrr…. Cyclists Man-Cave anyone