Ride Report 21st November 2011

Another excellent ride today – roads were just too wet and horrible after last couple of days of fog and drizzle, so I thought I’d take to the bridleways and get the MTB out for a change. As a concession to it being late November, I even fitted the crudguards before setting off. Managed just over 15 miles, mostly offroad, on bridleways and disused rainway lines, but with a couple of quiet roads to lnk up the muddy stuff. Nothing technical, difficult or particularly challenging – in fact it would have been a perfect route for a ‘cross bike – a hardtail MTB with a good 4″ of suspension up front was certainly overkill

Route details should be available here  – sorry there’s no cadence data – i’ve never really felt the need for it on the offroad bike – it’s never really been about keeping up a smooth pedalling effort on the dirty stuff for me – it’s more about going out, and getting covered in mud, like you did when you were a kid – only now, there’s nobody to shout at you for doing it!

Only regret was I couldn’t find my over-shoes – and as I hit a 10″ deep puddle within the first mile, cold wet feet were pretty much the order of the day – it took a good 10 minutes in the shower before they began to look pink rather than blue…


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