Month 5 – Ride and Diet Review

Month 5 – 23rd November 2011 to 22nd December 2011

Starting Weight 319.4lb –  Closing  weight 305.0lb – Weight loss of 14.4lb

Starting BMI 42.3  – Closing BMI 40.4 – BMI drop of 1.9 points

Exercise Stats

21 days spent on the bike, for a total of 24h46min,

Average speed 13.1 mph

Miles Rode 323.4

Calories Burned 31,588 ( or the equivalent of  9.00lb of fat! – a 62.67% contribution to the overall weight loss this month)

A little slower month than month 4, a few less rides, and a few less calories.   On the other hand, it’s reassuring that my average speed has increased a bit,  and at least i’m still managing 2 out of 3 days on the bike, either on the road, trails, or trainer.


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