Lots of Little Rides

… and huge amounts of frustration to be honest.    I started out to get a couple of specific workouts in on the Tacx Bushido – A ride from the “Training With Milram” DVD, followed by a ride down M. Ventoux as a leg-loosener/fast spin.

Unfortunately, I’d not spotted that Tcx had been faffing around with their software, and had managed to release not one but two updated to the training software.   With the nett result that my first three rides died on their collective arses.  The forth one was a “freestyle” ride on the Bushido while the training software patches loaded and were installed. My fifth ride was the Training with Milram ride i’d intended to do initially, unfortunately, I screwed it up myself – user error this time, not a software problem.  Sixth ride was a different ride, one I’d not tried before, a quick descent of the Col du Marie Blanque down to Malaucene, and I topped the ride listing off with the Ventoux Descent I’d been promising myself.

Ride Details are here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

January has been an interesting month – managed far more miles than I expected, one or two frustrations, but amazingly good weather considering the time of year!

Epic Fail on the Weather Forecasting Front

Went out convinced that I’d get away with a ride in the dry.   After 3 miles, it was beginning to get a little misty, then fortunately, it started raining instead.   5 miles into the ride, and it was raining hard enough that i’d be wet through even if I turned around and went straight home.  So,  I thought, give the normal loop a go, and cut it short if you feel cold or unhappy.    And, amazingly, the sealskinz socks, neoprene overshoes and myriad layers of Roubaix lycra conspired to keep me warm for the entire 23 miles of my new extended loop.   I’m calling this yet another mental milestone – if I’ve got the application to still keep going even if the weather’s not too kind, I must be getting more positive overall.


Ride details from Garmin Connect Here, don’t laugh, It was cold and wet and I wasn’t taking any chances on the speed front!

But it’s Cold Outside…

So Wrap up warm, and ride faster to keep warm then, you big fat tart Mark!

Ride Details here – of what’s getting to be the standard local loop now – actually caught myself thinking “Shall I cut it short and go directly home” at the 12 mile mark today, where it’s been “shall I go the long way back home from here or not?” on my prior rides.   Guess I’ve made the psychological step up to considering a 23mile loop as “usual” then.

Another Day, Another Loop

Yet another day with a very pleasant, but largely uneventful ride, marked only by a shower of rain after around 3 miles, and a slight squeak developing in the last mile, which turned out to be a spoke that had loosened in the rear wheel.   Looks like I need to do a little “fettling” tonight.

Ride statistics on Garmin Connect HERE

Time for a Little Mud Sweat and Gears

Though from the Garmin’s figures, doesn’t look to have ben a whole lot of sweating going on.   Intended originally to go for a road-ride, but the heavens opened, while I was warming up with a few stretches, so I hastily changed plans, swapped codes, and jumped on the Mountain Bike instead – primarily because I don’t really mind riding that in all the slop and crap – it’s what it was built for.   The roadbike however, has to last me until I’m light enough to swap for something light, fast, and italian…   and no – I don’t mean Valentino Rossi – I’m thinking more DeRosa / Campagnolo 😉



Month 6 Diet Roundup

Month 6 – 23rd December 2011 to 22nd January 2012

Starting Weight 305.0lb –  Closing  weight 296.6lb – Weight loss of 8.4lb

Starting BMI 40.4  – Closing BMI 39.3 – BMI drop of 1.1 points

Exercise Stats

23 days spent on the bike, for a total of 27h47min,

Average speed 15.0 mph

Miles Rode 416.6 (223.19 of which being indoor miles)

Calories Burned 41,630 ( or the equivalent of  11.89lb of fat! – a 141.59% contribution to the overall weight loss this month – which is worrying!)

Did well on the riding front, good mileage, albeit lots of it on the trainer, rather than the road – hence the high average speed.   Attempting to up the mileage all-round is helping, but of course christmas, and all it’s temptations stepped in – I definitely ate, drank and made merry – and if I hadn’t ride the bike, I’d have gained weight over the month – probably 3.5-4lb I reckon.  I actually parcelled up the scales and didn’t weigh in over the festive period – but between 24th dec and 5th Jan I gained 5.8lb… so all things considered, a net loss of 8.4lb in the month isn’t all that bad…

On the positive side – im no longer a member of the 300-Club !!   Next stop under 20-Stone !!!