First Ride of the Year

And what a lovely day it was to be out riding – better make the best of it, as the weather forecast for the next couple of day is pretty rough – Rain, High Winds, Cold, Plagues of Boils, Frogs dropping from the Sky…     (Okay, I made the last two up, but you get the picture)

Anyway – Bright, Sunny conditions, and a road dry enough that the raceblades could come off the bike pre-ride made for a enjoyable, if a little cold, ride.    Was pretty much my standard local loop, but added in a extra diversion through Old Snydale, and a quick climb up over the former outcrop along Mill Lane, rejoining the usual loop at the far edge of Streethouse.   Things I do to avoid riding over that Railway crossing.   Ride details are in Garmin Connect here

Miles Rode – 16.46  Month Total – 16.46  Annual Total – 16.46

Calories Burned 1523 – Monthly Total – 1523  Annual Total – 1523

(boy do I hate these early days)


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