A day of Faffing…

Well todays ride was a bit of a strange one..

A ride report for an Indoor Cycling Session ? Well – it’s different I guess…

Had a good hour and a half – 78 minutes of which was riding – the rest “fafing”, partly a recovery ride, and partly tweaking my riding position – mainly saddle height and cleat positioning – I’ve had a little niggle in my right knee, that was partly due to losing a bolt in the cleat, and the cleat twisting slightly. Turned out i’d pulled the thread out of the shoe-plate, so I’d to replace the threaded insert with one i’d “fashioned” from a old SPD plate trimmed down to fit the Specialized shoe’s aperture. After metalwork lessons ended, I got on with actually riding the bike for a while…

As I sorted the alignment, my leg straightened up, it felt like my saddle was a touch low, so had a fiddle with that too… Ride a bit, tweak a bit, repeat until satisfied. Needed to raise the saddle almost 7mm in the end – i’m sure that part of that was down to getting my knee “in track” again rather than throwing out to the side, but I’m also guessing that as I’ve lost a good 70lb since my last “fitting session”, some of that fat must have gone from the area I sit on. If there’s less padding there, then the seat needs to go a little higher to keep your sit-bones in the right place – I freely admit to being a little “obsessive” about getting my setup right, and as soon as my ride duration has started to go up I’ve noticed the problem…

Next on the agenda was a good 10 miles ridden at “tempo” – a bit higher cadence and pegged at around 20mph just to see if things felt right. I’m happy to report it felt great

And just to round things off, I did a couple of standard tests, 1 mile 2% ramp @ 100w and measure average HR (105bpm) followed by 1 mile 2% ramp @ 200w (HrAvg 133) – do this once a month and check for improvements on HR 🙂

Well – it wasn’t entirely inspiring, and certainly wasn’t as much fun as getting out in the fresh air, but it WAS satisfying in it’s own way, and hopefully will have helped me improve my riding comfort going forward.

Miles Rode – 21.49  Month Total – 37.95  Annual Total – 37.95

Calories Burned 2196 – Monthly Total – 3719  Annual Total – 3719


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