Indoor Cycling – We have all kinds Sir…

In a bid to inject a little variety into the indoor riding today, I decided to mix things up a little.

First of all, it was high time that I actually managed to get a proper Anaerobic Threshold Test done.   So – I had a crack at the Conconi Test as detailed on the Tacx Training Website.   What can I say – like most Max-Tests, its pretty horrible towards the latter stages.   A quick breakdown of the stats are on Garmin Connect HERE.

Second ride of the day was a bit of general riding, started with the “Training with Milram” DVD, which ran for around 13 minutes before crashing.   So – I decided to go to a old disk – the “T1956-16 Grossglockner” DVD – originally  intended for the Fortius, rather than the Bushido, it’s video quality isn’t great, but it contains a nice leg loosening spin, followed by a short steep uphill, and a wild thrash down the mountain to finish off.   Again, this was logged on the Garmin 705 as well as the Tacx Bushido, and the details are posted here.

Third ride was another repeat of the above trip down the Grossglockner, though this time missing out the saddle and intermediate col.   More than anything else,   I wanted to see how my injured left thigh would cope with some high speed, high cadence work after a decent length of riding.  At the moment, things feel good, and the Garmin log makes for some impressive speed stats, if nothing else…  average speed of 24.1 m.p.h. actual at the rear wheel, Average cadence 82 (which is very high for me – those big legs don’t thrash around very well any more!) and a max cadence of 127 was just scary…

Not sure what happened on the third ride, but I managed to get some sort of glitch, which showed a power reading on the Garmin – unlikely, as I’ve no power meter! – extremely unlikely, as it read 16,383 Watts – yeah right 16 and a bit Kilowatts!!


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