Epic Fail on the Weather Forecasting Front

Went out convinced that I’d get away with a ride in the dry.   After 3 miles, it was beginning to get a little misty, then fortunately, it started raining instead.   5 miles into the ride, and it was raining hard enough that i’d be wet through even if I turned around and went straight home.  So,  I thought, give the normal loop a go, and cut it short if you feel cold or unhappy.    And, amazingly, the sealskinz socks, neoprene overshoes and myriad layers of Roubaix lycra conspired to keep me warm for the entire 23 miles of my new extended loop.   I’m calling this yet another mental milestone – if I’ve got the application to still keep going even if the weather’s not too kind, I must be getting more positive overall.


Ride details from Garmin Connect Here, don’t laugh, It was cold and wet and I wasn’t taking any chances on the speed front!


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