Lots of Little Rides

… and huge amounts of frustration to be honest.    I started out to get a couple of specific workouts in on the Tacx Bushido – A ride from the “Training With Milram” DVD, followed by a ride down M. Ventoux as a leg-loosener/fast spin.

Unfortunately, I’d not spotted that Tcx had been faffing around with their software, and had managed to release not one but two updated to the training software.   With the nett result that my first three rides died on their collective arses.  The forth one was a “freestyle” ride on the Bushido while the training software patches loaded and were installed. My fifth ride was the Training with Milram ride i’d intended to do initially, unfortunately, I screwed it up myself – user error this time, not a software problem.  Sixth ride was a different ride, one I’d not tried before, a quick descent of the Col du Marie Blanque down to Malaucene, and I topped the ride listing off with the Ventoux Descent I’d been promising myself.

Ride Details are here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

January has been an interesting month – managed far more miles than I expected, one or two frustrations, but amazingly good weather considering the time of year!


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