A Winter Spin in Tuscany…

Courtesy of the Tacx again sadly – haven’t jumped on a big silver bird and ridden tthe roads proper 😦

Did the Tacx RLV ride – Training with Lampre DVD – Dornatico – Volterra – starts off as a really nice rolling ride, plenty of ups and downs, and actually felt much the same as my home terrain, apart from having to keep up with a bunch of fit skinny italian professional cyclists that is.  First 23 miles are great, and then – ooh – whats that – it’s a bloody great hill, that’s what it is.   And there you go – the last five and a half miles are just silly – 5% through to maybe 11%.   I’m happy to say I managed it, though I admit the power control was wound down a little, and I’m aching a little tonight from my exertions.

Amazingly, the software managed to “just work” for once, but I didn’t manage a total interruption free ride.   Half a mile from the final hill, just as I was winding myself up for a big push – there’s a knock on the door – flaming electricity board bloke wanting to read the meter.    Answered the door in full riding kit, dripping sweat, and stood over him as he read the meter shivering like a dog shitting razor blades!   God only knows what he thought was going on!   Oh, and the new toy – the Cycleops Wheel-Riser was a crackignbit of kit – worked superbly 🙂

anyway – ride details here…


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