TTS 3.9 – Finally, Something Right

Yep – it actually looks like Tacx’s outsourced programmers have extracted their collective digits and fixed a problem, without creating another one.

Today, I managed three separate rides, one a steady state ride from the VR DVD “Argus Tour 2010” – where I did a simple 6 miles of the route, pausing occasionally, deliberately stopping the wheel, and seeing if the regular “Lost Connection with Brake” message came up.    Nope.    Woo-Hooo!!!!  Details of the ride on Garmin Connect Here.

Second Ride was one of the Ergo Rides – very strange, you follow a pro-rider or two, and the trainer gives you a resistance level that matches the power ratings that the pro’s SRM system recorded on the ride.   Of course, for them it’s a nice gentle recovery spin, and for me, it would have been murder.   So – there’s the option to “turn down” the wattage. I rode this demo at 60% intensity of what the Schleck Brothers did.     Now – to be honest, I’d NEVER been able to run one of these ERGO videos without an almost instant crash.   The entire 6 minute worked flawlessly, and I’m actually looking forward to trying some of the other ergo video’s when I get rid of this cold!  Anyway – ride details via GC are here.

The Third ride was another VR DVD ride – a simple descent of the Gerlos pass, from the Grossglockner DVD.  This was a cracker of a warmdown – as I mentioned above, I’m actually full of cold – and I just enjoyed the fact that the machine was stable, and I made it all the way down the hill.     No crashes, no snags, no hiccups, just get on and ride.    Like it should have been 4 months ago when I bought it, but it hasn’t been until today!   Again, details from this ride are on GC here.

All the rides were exported as .HRM files, and quickly converted via SportsTracks3 and a couple of Plugins into Garmin compatible .TCX files, for export into Garmin Connect – I have standardised on GC for the simple reason that my last 3-4 years worth of rides are in there, so I don’t really want to abandon it…



4 comments on “TTS 3.9 – Finally, Something Right

  1. Mike says:

    I wonder if you’d mind explaining step by step how to convert those hrm files so I can upload them into garmin connect? I have downloaded the free version of Sportstracks…

  2. Well – this may not work with the free version of SportsTrack3 as it’s limited in the number of plugins it can use at any one time, but there are a couple of add-ons that make it a fairly simple process.

    First of all, to get the data in, you need the polar import plugin – This actually imports the .HRM file into SportsTrack3. If you want to get the files out, and into something like Gamin Connect, there is another plugin – the TCX Export routine – – which takes any exercise file in SportsTracks3 and spits out a .TCX file version of it. Obviously, there’s no GPS data – the HRM files that the Tacx Machine exports only measure and log Heart Rate, Speed, Cadence, Altitude and Power. So – you’ll get a Garmin Connect entry similar to this – – which I recorded riding “Tacx VR – Etape du Tour – First 50 miles”, albeit at a reduced power setting as I was trying to get a “recovery level” ride that day…

  3. says:

    no GPS data though. good work around. hopefully tacx will come up with their garmin plugin soon. it’s weird though. they already use GPX/TCX format when creating your own routes in the google maps feature of the TTS software. exporting it in GPX/TCX should never have been an issue… it should have been the standard.

    • You have got to be joking – this is TACX we’re talking about (or more honestly, their outsorces software people) – they can’t issue an update to fix existing problems in TTS without breaking something else in there. Getting them to write a programatically generated XML file as an output correctly is about as likely as seeing Glen Miller doing a fly-past at the London Olympics! I think they chose the polar HRM format because a) it’s a very small, tight file format, and b) as it’s much less complex than parsing and outputting XML – just have a look and compare a .HRM file and the converted .TCX in a text editor, and you’ll see how simple it is in comparison.

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