Non-Scale-Victory Time…

I’ve Just spend a couple of hours going through my wardrobe. So far that’s 3 sacks of clothing for the charity shops – all the stuff that’s now too big. Also had what’s probably a “Non Scale Victory”…

Tried on my work suit. It fits me a little bit like the one David Byrne from Talking heads wore! So, I worked back through my old work suits (or at least the ones I’ve kept!).

6 Years ago. Nope, trousers 6 inch too loose, jacket like a sack.

12 years ago, nope trousers still fall off, Jacket awful.

20 years ago (kept for sentimental reasons if i’m honest! – plus couldn’t bear to throw away a perfect condition Hugo Boss suit) – Trousers perfect, and the jacket’s a wee bit tight on the arms! Which, If I’m honest, it always was ever so slightly…

So – that’s 20 years of wear and tear on the body wound back I suppose…

if only it worked for the face!


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