If you want to Get better at Riding Hills…

… Ride hills.   So I did – I looked around outside, and spotted the biggest hill on the horizon.   Then rode to it.     And it was hilly, all the way,

Mmmmm Spikey...

Just a little further than my normal ride, but half as much climbing again as the “normal” loop.    All things considered I managed reasonably well – rode all the way  – didn’t have to get off and push anywhere, and had enough “in the tank” to actually ride over the top of the hills, rather than “up to the top” and then stop and spend the next 5 minutes gasping like a freshly caught haddock!    Can’t say I enjoyed every minute – some of the ride was damned hard work, but I was very pleased at how well I’d managed, and hopefully, I’ll be able to slot this into the ride rota at least once a week.

Ride stats here for the sadistic people who want to see just how hard my heart was trying to escape my chest…



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