Amazingly Bad Planning

Damn – I just realised – I was 50 Metres short of hitting my Months distance target! If I’d have ridden around the back of the house instead of going in the front door I’d have been done for the month, and could have put my feet up and eaten cakes ’till May!

Ride details here

Definitely been a little lax about this blog…

Big catchup time

Ride details coming up:









Pretty much all longer duration rides – seems like I’m at a 25-30 mile average loop now…

Managed to break the frame on my prescription lens riding shades as well – which caused a unplanned extra day off the bike for an eye-test – though as the result was a very positive one – i.e. clean bill of health and a prescription that’s not materially changed in the last 11 years, it was cool.

Also managed to wear my chain beyond all hope, so that’s been swapped as well for a nice spanking new SRAM 991 – might as well spend a few bob on decent quality 9 speed kit, while I’m still running it – the block’s worn now, so I swapped it out for the one on the “trainer wheel”, but I reckon the chainrings are next to go 😦