Apparently, Cycling runs in the Family…

I’m not talking about Eddie and Axel, or Stephen and Nicolas, Or Gary and Bradley…Or even Beryl and Denise.

Nope – I’m talking about My Dad and Me. and My Uncle Arthur and my Cousins Stephen and Richard.

I’ve been doing a bit of wading through the “big box of old photo’s” and found one with the Words “Sharlston Wheelers, Malham 1950” in my Dad’s handwriting on the back…

These were probably the heyday of cycling as a recreation in the UK, where pretty much every local village had their own little road-club – either dedicated to Racing, or Testing, or – most likely – just to touring, mainly using Youth Hostels…

On the evidence of this picture, it appears that the Sharlston Wheelers were definitely a touring club – check out the YHA badges on the “fashionable knitwear”

Sharlston Wheelers

One More – this time probably late 1980’s… I’m at the back right hand side, with a rear wheel next to my head…

Calder Clarion Club 10

Think it was taken before one of the “club 10’s” – note, it’s a time-trial, no skinsuits, tribars, disk wheels or anything else – even exposed brake cables. From the Wool jersey’s i’m guessing I May even still have been riding on restricted gears!


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