Madge is Back…

Thought she’d gone forever, but whilst clearing out some old boxes of paperwork last night, I happened upon a small velvet covered box…


(‘scuse the “instagram crappy photo” – couldn’t be arsed to get the 7D and Macro lens out for a simple snapshot…:laugh:)

Lost Madge (okay Madonna del Ghisallo to give her “Sunday name”) sometime over the last few years… Finally turned up today while clearing out a few old boxes of paperwork etc.

Now, i’ll hold up my hands here, and admit, I’m not exactly “of the faith” – or even particularly superstitious, but it’s still something that holds a great deal of meaning to me, primarily because of who gave it to me, and what THEY believe it provides to me…

Plus, a little extra luck on the bike never comes amiss, and its always depressing to lose a chunk of gold, isn’t it…

For those of you who don’t know what I’m wibbling on about –


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