Nearly 2 Years in, and time to Assess and Re-Target

Well, after a pretty successful first 23 months, I decided it was time to start planning the next stage of my journey down this road to fitness.

First step co-incidedwith a trip to the Nutrition/Dietician’s clinic – and commenced, as I’m now getting used to, with a Dexa scan, and a quick sit in the Bodpod.   After a quick jump on the scales, I was allowed to dress properly again, and we sat down for a proper look at where I was, and where to go…

Basically, the first 18 months were there to get me to a weight where was no longer killing myself…   Since Christmas 2012, I’ve basically been re-grouping, and slowing down on the weight loss, allowing the loose skin to catch up with the rest of my body, and – in the words of my Physio “Working on the Engine, Rather than the Bodywork” –

So, in the first 18 months, I lost 72.3kg.  In the ensuing 5 months, I’ve lost the grand total of 1.2kg.   I also lost my Dad, which has obviously meant that frankly I’ve not been exactly focussed on diet and training in the same way.   However, it’s not been a complete bust – the tape measure and body fat calipers say that I’ve probably lost nearer 6kg of fat, or at least re-assigned it as muscle!   I’ve also dropped 5cm around the chest and 4cm at the waist, so at least 1 shirt size (even in Castelli/Santini sizing!!)

Anyway, I’ve come back with a new set of goals and working targets.

  1. First of all, my initial “guessed target” for weight of 15st (210lb, 95kg) which, in fairness was a complete shot in the dark – as in “if I can get back to 2 stone heavier than when I was riding seriously, i’ll be happy” has been re-assessed in the light of the result of my latest Dexa scan.   And – allowing for everything else, we’ve come up with an Ideal target of 14st (196lb, 88.5kg) – which if I more or less maintain current muscle mass puts me nicely into single figure body fat%.   So, my ticker has changed to reflect the new final, final goal.
  2. Also, my overall activity levels have changed, as I’m no longer spending hours sitting, spending time with my Dad.   Instead, i’m either working around the house or out for a walk, or such like.    So, I’ve upped my activity setting in the diet/fitness profile.
  3. And third, because I’ve been complaining that it’s taking me longer to recover from rides and so forth, I’ve been recommended to increase the % of calories from protiens,whilst keeping at least 50% of energy from carbs, and reducing fats to take up the slack – I’ve been recommended to shoot for between 1.4/1.6g of protein per Kg of LEAN body weight per day, to ensure enough “building blocks” are still there to help me recover from back-to-back rides etc…

Now all I need to do is to get back into the training groove – frankly, i’m still finding it a little difficult to focus on targetted riding – I’ll be going along nicely, and then something completely unrelated regarding what I’m going to do in the future will pop-up and I just loose sight of the whole session 😦


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