Silly Wet Ride in a Thunderstorm

Coudn’t face staying in the house another 5 minutes, went out anyway, and got bloody well drowned – slow, short and junk mileage – not even a decent calorie burn…  details here

Dodging Thunderstorms

Decided to have a change from the roadbike today – and within 2 miles, I was glad I had done…   Riding along on the MTB in the first section of woods – as I came out from under the tree cover, I noticed that it wasn’t actually any brighter – then there was an almighty crack of thunder, a big flash and the heavens opened!     Sprinted for 2-300 yards and dived under an old railway bridge and waited it out.   Within 5 minutes, the sun was out, and I was under way again.   This pattern pretty much repeated itself (apart from the  absence of shelter in most cases) for the rest of the ride.

In complete contrast to yesterday, it was all about smiles not miles – tracklog of the ride here

Testing, Testing 3,2,1, Vai !!

Yep – decided to see if all this base mileage guff I’ve done over the last 2 years or so since I decided to lose a bit of weight and ride my bike more had made any improvement.

Part of me wanted to pitch up at the local club 10 and pay on the line for one night. The far more sensible part thought “Don’t be so bloody stupid, they’re fit, skinny, on dedicated TT ironmongery, dressed in spray-on lycra and wearing Tadpole helmets. They’re also half way through the season and probably back to peak again after the nationals in June…”

So I took the far more sensible approach of just selecting a relatively clear, uninterupted section of quiet road and did an Impromptu 10.  It’s a speed test, NOT a Time-Trial – it’s not out and back, its a point-to-point, but it had a pretty consistent crosswind as opposed to head or tail. I wasn’t pacing, it was ridden solo, though I’ll admit to chasing down a couple of other riders in the distance as a means of encouraging myself.

It’s nothing special, and certainly not fast enough to be considering going to the club-10 any time soon, but for a fat old git, who last did a 10mile TT upwards of 25 years ago, I was fairly pleased with it…

I even managed to do a (marginally) positive split… (13:12 first 5 miles 13:11 second) … would have been faster on the end sector, but I’d misjudged my starting point, and the last 3/4 mile ended up being on a sector known as the “east cowick cobbles” –  it’s not ACTUALLY Cobbles, it’s just tarmac with 4″ deep holes every 10″ or so – feels like your riding a pneumatic hammer rather than a bike. I actually had to ease up a little as my vision was too blurred – hitting these at full sprint was just ludicrous!

Anyway… Just thought I’d share.

Oh – yeah – the linky to the ride…  – silly me!

And the ride to the start, and back home after, at suitably slower pace…

Road Cycling – Dolan Tuono SL

Weather was warm, humid, with a couple of half-arsed showers in the first 20 minutes, not enough to cool you down, just enough to make things even muggier. While you were moving, you were fine – stop for traffic lights (yes, some of us DO!) and you were sweating like a Geordie in a Spelling Test.

Not a major “training” session as such, just did a little work on uphill strength – low cadence climbing drills – i.e. ride up all the normal hills at the same speed as usual, but in 3-4 gears taller than normal, so a cadence of 60 rather than 85 or more… it’s a bit like “lifting heavy” for your legs… I tried to keep to the plan, but occasional twinges from my hip on a couple of the hills said “sit down and change down you silly old bugger!”

Ride Tracking below:

Road Cycling

Ride Track – 25/07/2013

Oh, Boy it’s been a While since I Blogged, hasn’t it…

Where do I start…

Rode my bike, lots

bought a new bike.

Lost my Dad.

Rode my bike lots.

Turned 50 years old.

Still riding my bike.

Not the most fascinating update you’ll ever read, was it.  Certainly as a catch-up from April last year…

I’ll try harder in the future – promise…

Edit: okay, I’ve grabbed a few choice entries from my diary and dropped them in here to try and fill in the gaps somewhat…

Today’s been a Bit of a “Curate’s Egg”

For those of you who don’t know what I’m waffling on about…

The term derives from a cartoon published in the humorous British magazine Punch on 9 November 1895. Drawn by George du Maurier and entitled “True Humility”, it pictures a timid-looking curate taking breakfast in his bishop’s house. The bishop remarks with candid honesty to his lowly guest: “I’m afraid you’ve got a bad egg, Mr Jones.” The curate replies, desperate not to offend his eminent host and ultimate employer: “Oh, no, my Lord, I assure you that parts of it are excellent!”

And that’s been my Day – Good in Parts…

Good – Weigh In showed that my body fat was under 15%, didn’t believe it (it had been 22% last week…)

Bad – turned out there was something on the surface of the scales that was conductiveand screwing the figures.

Good – when wiped off, BF went back to 21.3%

Bad – but I’d also gained 0.1kg

Good – My new shorts turned up in the post, and they fit perfectly

Bad – they’re Castelli’s, so they’re a depressing size XXXL

Good – but I know that everything Castelli is 2 sizes smaller than “conventional weaponry”

Bad – fancied toast for breakfast – and only bread in house was green and furry

Good – local shop had a pack of english muffins (nom,nom,nom)

Good – I’ve found a buyer for the Chairlift

Bad – the quote for de-install/re-install was a bit higher than I was expecting

Bad – computer didn’t shutdown properly last night, and managed to kill the boot sector of one of the hard disks

More Bad – it’s the hard disk with all my documents, pictures, music, bike ride logs on it

Good – my business files are on a different server (well – strictly 2 servers and a backup device)

Bad – it was nearly a fortnight since the last backup of the data

Good – at least I had a backup

More Good – a quick “disk image” to save the state of the data, followed by running chkdsk /f rebuilt the boot sector and file system, and appears to have munged something like 3 files, all of which were old files and on the last backup

Bad – fixing this load of crap meant I was much later out of the door than I intended to be – I was hoping to throw the bike in the back of the car, drive out somewhere and do a different route for a change, but didn’t get sorted ’till 11am and my intended location was a good hours drive each way, so a ride would have put me in rush hour traffic on the way home – “trucs que pour une Alouette”

Good – decided on a “follow my nose” wander around some of the backroad villages east of home, and rediscovered just how nice some of them are!

wonder what the rest of the day’s got in store for me…

Because frankly, the downs have’nt been bad enough to even slightly spoil the ups!  It’s all about the way you look at things, which brings me back to our friend the curate earlier in ths post…