Road Cycling – Dolan Tuono SL

Weather was warm, humid, with a couple of half-arsed showers in the first 20 minutes, not enough to cool you down, just enough to make things even muggier. While you were moving, you were fine – stop for traffic lights (yes, some of us DO!) and you were sweating like a Geordie in a Spelling Test.

Not a major “training” session as such, just did a little work on uphill strength – low cadence climbing drills – i.e. ride up all the normal hills at the same speed as usual, but in 3-4 gears taller than normal, so a cadence of 60 rather than 85 or more… it’s a bit like “lifting heavy” for your legs… I tried to keep to the plan, but occasional twinges from my hip on a couple of the hills said “sit down and change down you silly old bugger!”

Ride Tracking below:

Road Cycling

Ride Track – 25/07/2013


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