MFP Vuelta Challenge – Stage 7

Almendralejo → Mairena de Aljarafe- 196km

Largely unneventful ride around the regular loop, with the exception of a visitation from the P*****re fairy – I was squeezed to the side of the road on a narrow road, and hit a pothole at around 40kph – belated bunnyhop cleared the front wheel, but the back still contacted with enough force to snakebite the back tube to instant oblivion.

Details of the ride here

MFP Vuelta Challenge – Stage 5

Sober → Lago de Sanabria- 168km

Managed to get the ride in that I set out for yesterday…   Strava Details here

Seemed like I was going wel enough – though I did have a few problems with the HR Belt in the first 10 miles or so…

The strap had slipped in it’s adjustment buckles and wasn’t staying in one place. So I’d get a static HR for 10 seconds then a spike of 200 or something stooopid – ended up undressing at side of road and fixing it, as it was driving me loopy – not so much the numbers, more the fact that the belt itself kept moving around up and down my torso!


MFP Vuelta Challenge – Stage 4

Lalín / a Estrada → Finisterra, 187km


Well – after yesterdayss day off the bike, I thought I’d get a bit longer than the normal loop done today – sadly, that wasn’t to be – set off, and 10km  into the ride, remembered I’d forgotten to re-attach the saddlebag – meaning I’d no spare tubes/puncture kit/pump/tools/cash with me.   Doubled back, grabbed the bag and realised that with 20km in my legs already, that my planned ride  was going to have to wait for another day.   So, knocked in my typical 48km(ish) ride and made it home just in time to see the start of todays televised Vuelta…

Ride on Strava is here

MFP Vuelta Challenge – Stage 2

Pontevedra → Baiona. Alto Do Monte Da Groba (177km)


Well – it’s a bank holiday, and there’s a chance that the UK contingent of riders on my team may well be on holiday/the piss/both – so I thought I’d better try and knock a few km’s in – despite it being the 4th day on the bounce that I’ve ridden.

Played it safe, out in the flatlands around Selby, Snaith, Tadcaster before running from home.   All told 86.8km, and back in time for a shower, a bite to eat, and to put my feet up, rest my undercarriage, and watch stage 2 of the Vuelta on the Idiots Lantern.