Almost a “Proper” Time Trial…

Had a go at a “proper” Time Trial course today.   Even borrowed my mate’s Cervelo TT rig (after his adjusting pretty much everything to make it fit me – bless him) – though NOT with the deep section rims – it was blowing quite a gusty wind, and I didn’t feel confident with the Deep sections on £4000 worth of borrowed bike (strange that, isn’t it…:laugh:)

Well – the course is not quite the traditional “out and back” course that most UK TT courses are, it’s more of a “sporting” version – it’s all either uphill, downhill or going around roundabouts.

Course goes “Start,A,B,C,D,A,Finish”




Anyhooo – I gave it as much as I could, allowing for the nagging “you’re riding £4000 of someone elses bike here mate” so not full banzai on the corners and not going hard enough into the finish that I collapsed afterwards.

Cut the Crap, I hear you say – what was the time.

28min14sec. – that’s 1:51 slower than on my last speedtest, admittedly on a undulating course and with a headwind on the longest steepest hill on the course between D and the turn to the finish.   Looking at the results sheets from the last few weeks I’d have been pretty near flat last every week this year.

So – I’m cured of wanting a Time Trial bike – I’m sure that even one that fitted me better than the Cervelo would still be pretty profoundly uncomfortable just on the basis that they aren’t built to be comfortable, they’re built to be fast.  So, I wouldn’t ride it enough to get used to it, and it’d just come out once a week to be the “Lanterne Rouge” and, while I’m no longer quite the over-competitive soul I used to be,  I don’t think I could face that kind of ignominy on a weekly basis.

I may still “give it a shove” on my road bike every month or so next season, if I’m still actually able to devote the same amount of time to training that I manage now – as I know any material improvements would only come at the expense of a whole lot of training.


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