Different Route

And not likely to be a default one – forgot just how horrible it actually is to ride through the centre of town – it’s good for sharpening the reaction times, and helps me empathise with the poor benighted souls who have to commute to or through a city on a regular basis – but it really just serves to make me realise just how lucky I am to be able to pick and choose where I ride normally.

Route GPS track here – don’t follow it, it was shite – at least miles 17 – 20 were – 3 miles, 8 wince inducing unavoidable potholes, 6 suicidal pedestrians, 4 red-light shooting dickheads on bikes and 2 homicidal minicab drivers.   And this is at mid-day, not in the “rush hour” – christ only knows what it’d have been like at 8am!


One comment on “Different Route

  1. I’ve rode through Wakefield centre a few times now. It’s not so bad at the Sainbury’s store near the top, but I hate how you are forced to change lanes further down to stick with the A61. Given that I have ridden through Sheffield and Doncaster on a regular basis, I think it is on a par with other areas, which is regrettably sad. I’ve probably seen the same dickheads jumping lights and weaving through the traffic; and without helmets too, which doesn’t do much for the cycling brand frankly.

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