September’s Finale, and a Roundup

Managed to get out for a quick spin today, despite a big-ish one yesterday, and the wind still blowing a hoolie.   Fully intended to take it steady, but the wind was having none of that nonsense – and either had me dragging out 300w to keep moving forward when I had a headwind, or had me tear-arsing  along  when it was behind me.

Strava for today is here

And So to a few stats, at what SHOULD pretty much be the end of the “fast season”…

September’s Stats…

Avg Speed:          23.9 km/h
Distance:       1,183.21 km
Elevation Gain:    9,623 m
Time:           49:25:15 h:m:s
Count:                25 Activities
Avg Power:           187 W
Calories:         29,987 kCals

Year to Date Stats…

Avg Speed:           24.0 km/h
Distance:       10,455.86 km
Elevation Gain:    93,659 m
Time:           436:13:54 h:m:s
Count:                215 Activities
Avg Power:            181 W
Calories:         268,859 kCals

Wind – From the East? – On a Sunday?

That’s different – complete 180degree direction change to the normal prevailing wind – and blowing something like 15mph, gusting 25.   So – todays typical Sunday spin was very different to the norm.   Usually, it sees me hammering the first 30km in about a hour, then turning and hitting a wall of air.    Today, it was go out and grind for 90 minutes, then turn first across then run with a a side-tail wind for the rest of the ride.    Even looking at the speed plot on Strava, you can see the way the wind was blowing.    Other than a couple of minor 100 yard sectors in the middle of Pontefract, I hit a whole string of Strava “trophies” including 3 proper “top 10’s” and half a dozen PB’s – wind assisted or not, there were times when I felt I was flying!


Recovery Ride

A gentle, really gentle ride today – all last night I had that silly scratchy feeling at the back of my throat that usually denotes the onset of a cold.  This morning, it wasn’t scratching, but I don’t want to push my luck – so simply “rolled around” my typical short route.

Strava here – though it doesn’t exactly make anything like interesting reading.


Post TT Leg Stretcher

Woke this morning to a bad case of “Wooden Legs” – the TT yesterday must have take far more out of me than I thought.   20 Minutes of stretching and another 15 of attacking the legs with the rolling pin and I was up and about.   Looked like I was doing an impression of Douglas Bader, but I was up and about.

Eventually I managed to shuffle around enough to get myself fed and watered, and ready for a ride – I knew that frankly the only thing that’d loosen me up properly was getting out again for a hour or so.   So – that’s what I did – and amazingly enough it worked!

Strava details are here – it’s strange – on RP it felt like I was loafing around, but according to the IF and TSS scores (0.874 and 81.3 respectively) it would seem that either a) I was working harder than I thought or b) that my FTP figure is not right.  My money is on the FTP figure, and frankly, after my next day off the bike, I’m going to get a PROPER FTP torture test done and start working with sensible figures.

Rest of the day has been consumed by a quick trip to Aldi to check out their annual winter Cyclewear sale – Merino base’s had sold out in my size, but I snagged a surprisingly good quality LS compression base layer for  the coming months – and a hour or so of wholesale deforestation in the jungle outside my house that I laughingly refer to as a Garden.


The Race of Truth…

That’s what they call it – The Time Trial, The Race of Truth – Nowhere to Hide, No Real Tactics, Nobody Else to Blame – Just You, Your Bike and the Stopwatch.

It’s been an awful long time since I rode a “proper, full gas” Time Trial – in fact, I promised myself almost 20 years ago that I’d NEVER put myself through that kind of pain again.   Yes, I’ll say it again – PAIN.   To ride a Time Trial properly, you have to have a certain masochistic streak.

It’s best summed up with a Quote from Chris Boardman (who knows a thing or two about riding against the clock)

Continually ask yourself one question – can I maintain this pace to the end of the race?

  • If the answer is ‘yes’, you are not going hard enough
  • If the answer is ‘no’, you are going too hard
  • If the answer is ‘maybe’ then you are in the right place

I think I had bits of all three today…

Details of the ride on Strava are here

2 hours after returning Home, Showered and Rested, however my Stomach is still upside down and I can still taste Blood at the Back of my Throat.

Testing Times…

In more than one way…

Early doors, managed to get a Reconnaissance run on the local 10 mile TT Course – basically, dropped the bike in the back of the car, drove over to the finishing line, got out, rolled down to the start-line and gave it the beans.

More to see if a) I could remember the route and b) to see ho hard I could push on the hills without blowing…   Managed a not-particularly-shabby 28:14 – according to the local club’s website, the “age adjusted” club standard for this is 26:38 gold, 28:52 Silver and 32:11 bronze for old gits like me – so I’m almost “getting there”.   Fairly sure theres a few more seconds in there somewhere if I get a proper warmup ride before it too…

Strava details are here


And the other way today is a Testing Time…  well – at 3pm, there was the interment service for my Dad’s Ashes.   Fulfilling my promise that eventually He and my Mother Would be physically (as well as spiritually) Reunited.

Monday has come around again…

…I’m in the same old place, With the same old cycle routes to ride…

(with apologies to the Guys from Supertramp)

Yep – a bit of the same old same old,I’m afraid today – notable mainly for the weather still being a bit better than We have experienced for a few days.   Broken toe’s still bloody killing me  – I don’t think that yesterdays stroll down to the pub did it a lot of good either.    I’ll be glad when it’s right again, frankly, apart from anything else, the other cycling shoes are going to need replacement cleats soon.

Anyhoo – strava details of today here – As I’d been out “caning it” for the last 3 days. today really wa just a pootle around – as tomorrows definitely going to be “off the bike” for my dad’s interment service in the afternoon.