New Toy

I’ve splashed out on a new toy…   Over the past year or so, I’ve realised that the MTB, which was built for bashing around the Peak District when I was 25+stone is complete and total overkill for my offroad riding around home.   The logical approach was to get something lighter – and, as a way of getting something that does “double duty” a Cyclocross machine was pretty much made to measure.

For the summer, it’ll cover the offroad stuff, and allow “mixed” routes – dropping the odd sustrans or bridleway sector into a predominantly road ride.   And, for winter, with a change to road tyres, space for mudguards and disk brakes to give reliable stopping it should be just the ticket.

What’s that…  You want to know which one I bought…


it’s a Planet-X XLS Carbon 105 Disc…

excuse the “stock photo” – mine’s currently in a container on it’s way somewhere Between “Locations Oriental” and Worsborough!



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