Monday has come around again…

…I’m in the same old place, With the same old cycle routes to ride…

(with apologies to the Guys from Supertramp)

Yep – a bit of the same old same old,I’m afraid today – notable mainly for the weather still being a bit better than We have experienced for a few days.   Broken toe’s still bloody killing me  – I don’t think that yesterdays stroll down to the pub did it a lot of good either.    I’ll be glad when it’s right again, frankly, apart from anything else, the other cycling shoes are going to need replacement cleats soon.

Anyhoo – strava details of today here – As I’d been out “caning it” for the last 3 days. today really wa just a pootle around – as tomorrows definitely going to be “off the bike” for my dad’s interment service in the afternoon.



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