Testing Times…

In more than one way…

Early doors, managed to get a Reconnaissance run on the local 10 mile TT Course – basically, dropped the bike in the back of the car, drove over to the finishing line, got out, rolled down to the start-line and gave it the beans.

More to see if a) I could remember the route and b) to see ho hard I could push on the hills without blowing…   Managed a not-particularly-shabby 28:14 – according to the local club’s website, the “age adjusted” club standard for this is 26:38 gold, 28:52 Silver and 32:11 bronze for old gits like me – so I’m almost “getting there”.   Fairly sure theres a few more seconds in there somewhere if I get a proper warmup ride before it too…

Strava details are here


And the other way today is a Testing Time…  well – at 3pm, there was the interment service for my Dad’s Ashes.   Fulfilling my promise that eventually He and my Mother Would be physically (as well as spiritually) Reunited.


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