Smiles not Miles – Week 4 Day 4

Outside again, Roadbike, Windy, Not smiling quite as much, felt slow, sluggish, and as if I’d ridden too many days in a row.   Wait, that’d be because I’ve just ridden too many days in a row, wouldn’t it…



Smiles not Miles – Week 4 Day 2

Smiles…  did anyone mention smiles…   Angry Words, Yes,  Shaking Fist and Swearing at the Computer, Yes, but Smiles… Nope.

First 2 rides were aborted in short order as the TTS software crashed – turned out Windows 8.1 was having a “update fest” and was hogging all the system resources so the whole training software kept dying on it’s arse.   That’s a technical term BTW.

Anyway, got the whole load of updates installed, rebooted, left it to moulder for 10 minutes just in case, then got a good ride in.   Just as well, as I was nearly at the point of selling up and buying a Wahoo Kickr.

Still – mustn’t grumble

3 strava’s here – 1 , 2  and 3

Smiles not Miles – Week 4 Day 1

Just a “recovery spin” on the Turbo again today – still got the tail end of the high winds/rain going on, so a quick whizz around the Asda followed by a virtual ride around the lovely smooth roads near Roubaix…

Good news was my quick fix of deleting the old training runs seems to have cured TTS of it’s annoying crashing problem, and speeded it all up considerably when it comes to loading and closing down into the bargain.

Strava file is here – this time with the actual data as recorded straight from the machine’s power soak…

There’s also a route guide here

and the almost obligatory video as well

Smiles not Miles – Week 3 Day 7

Another day of Indoor riding – blowing a complete hoolie outside, and intermittent really heavy showers just seemed completely unappealing when I’d spent all week trying to get rid of a cold.

So, it was out with the trainer and on with the RLV software.   I ended up riding the Tacx T1936.34 – Mont Ventoux 2008 disk, or at least the “main feature” – i.e. the gentle spin down from Sault – gorges de Nesque and the ascent from the Bedoin side of the climb, followed by the descent off the mountain down to Malaucene.

There’s a GPS track route here, and the data from my Garmin on Strava is here

And just for Gits and Shiggles, here’s a Video…

Smiles not Miles – Week 3 Day 5

Day started with lashing rain, but by about 11:30 it was sunny and warm – not warm enough for the roads to be dry of course, but warm enough not to take the fur off my lungs with every breath.

So, dragged the MTB around a short-ish loop in very pleasant feeling sunshine and relatively calm air.

Again,  not exactly cracking any pots, so the Strava’s here but a little meh…