Smiles not Miles Day 7 Week 1

Did I say Smiles…   perhaps that’s stretching it a little.   Maybe a snarl or two or the odd grimace, but precious little in the smile bank from todays ride.   It was maybe 7-8°C out there, blowing a good 10-15mph with the odd gust to nearer 25 and generally alternating between drizzle and full on downpour.

Managed maybe 60km before deciding “stuff this for a game of soldiers”, running for home, and hitting the shower.

From there the day picked up, I managed to help a friend out by passing on a old Turbo-Trainer of mine, hopefully they’ll get some use out of it – it’d been languishing in the cupboard since I got the Tacx VR trainer, so it’s good to think it’ll get some practical use.

Then I jumped onto the MTB and tootled down to the local for a couple of pints before returning home to a rather pleasant sunday dinner and slipping into something more comfortable – like unconsciousness

Strava for the ride (paddle) is here


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