Smiles not Miles – Week 2 Day 2

At least I got to ride outside today. I’ve finally bitten the bullet and swapped out the Ultegra wheels for the RS20 winter hoops. Partly because it’s getting wet and horrible out there, so I don’t want to score up the braking surfaces on the posh hoops, and partly because the RS20’s had the Vittoria Open Pave’s on, so they’re far more confidence inspiring on the wet greasy tarmac that’s pretty much par for the course until next April or so…

Anyway, despite the substantial weight penalty (stop being a weenie Mark) I had a thoroughly enjoyable spin for a hour and a half or so, getting back nicely as the dark clouds rolled back in in preparation for the next deluge.

As per the philosophy of my Smiles not Miles month, there’s a Strava recording, but frankly I’ve given it no more than a cursory glance – it’s here, if anyone cares…


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