Smiles not Miles – Week 2 Day 5

Short, sweet, and ended with a hissing sound.   Yep – thoroughly enjoyable first half of my normal loop ended in a slow puncture – pulled the tyre but couldn’t find the source of the problem so thought “blow it back up with the same inner tube, it’ll make the hole big enough to find, and you’ll find the glass in the tyre that way.   So I refitted, blew tyre up and rode towards home.  The buggering thing stayed relatively inflated all the way home – at home, removed things again and ended having to trace the puncture with the bowl of water trick – at which point, I found the tint speck of glass that’d done the damage.   Sadly, after a proper look at the tyre, it was really not worth refitting as it was so worn – dropped a nearly new Continental GP4000 25mm on the wheel – the one that I’d pensioned off when I built the Dolan in spring, as it was “a bit close” on the front wheel – it’s pretty much just about “run in” so that’ll stay on there at least until the Dolan get’s its winter vacation on arrival of the Cannondale CAADX.

Strava for the bit of a ride I managed is here – low on miles, time, and most importantly calories to offset any potential Beer consumption this evening …  oh dear.


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