Sunny Saturday…

After a couple of hours of further fettling (trying to actually get the brakes to a state where they will Stop me, rather than just slow me down a bit!) I decided to get out while the sun was still shining – after all, there can’t be all that many days left this year where we’re going to get that happening.

Just a nice steady 36km or so – including a quite wonderful spin around the backroads up behind the Water Tower at Ackworth.   Beautiful autumn colours, and lovely low angle sunlight to complement them.   Couldn’t help wishing I’d a video camera with me, to show people that it’s really not all that “Grim up North”…

Forecast for tomorrow is more of the same, weather wise, and riding wise, hopefully I want to clock up 3-4 hours saddle time – it’s been a while since I got a proper bit of distance in the legs.


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