And So, onto the Road Tyres…

Swapped to the Schwalbe Durano‘s last night – Did it make a difference ?…   Did Jack Elam have a squint!

First impressions are that the CaadX rides “like a bike” – just how I wanted, a little more stable geometry than the Dolan as befits the longer wheelbase and clearances, but still nippy enough to handle well.   The Brakes are starting to bed in properly as well now, and if the weather had have been a little less horrible (25mph winds and large threatening black clouds in a 4-5°c temperature) I’d have probably done the full loop.   As the weather was awful, I pretty much set out for a short 16km loop, but despite the weather being minging, I ended up taking an extra add-on, and bumping the distance up a little more – purely because the bike was so enjoyable to ride.

Strava for the ride is here

I also managed pre-ride to get the rear mudguard fitted…

Took a little fettling to get the stays to clear the rear disc brake, and to sort out the bracketry to cope with the CaadX’s slightly strange stay bracing arrangements.

Disc side mudguard stay

Mudguard Seatstay Clip

Mudguard Chainstay Attachment


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