Another 50k of “Base”

That’s about the best that can be said for today – to be honest, it was grey, cold, a little damp and miserable, and frankly, the kind of ride that really only makes sense next summer, when you feel the benefit of it.

Not 100% convinced I’ve sorted the puncture in that back tyre either…

Still – as an exercise in keeping to “base level” riding, it was a definite Yes…   IF 0.594 TSS 82.8 and VI of 1.13 (not bad for a ride with 461m of ascent in there tbh… it’s pretty difficult to keep from dipping into tempo occasionally on that route)

(And for those who are wondering what the hell I mean by that…

TSS and IF explained.    VI – Variability Index, is basically the Normalised power divided by the average power for the ride.   This gives an indication of how variable your power output has been…   the closer to 1.0 it gets, the less “up and down” your power output has been.   Ideally, say, for a Time Trial, you’d want to be at something like 1.04/1.05 (i.e. you’re pretty much putting down an even number of watts all the way, maybe increasing for the last couple of km’s if you’ve still got it in your legs),  whereas in a criterium it could be as variable as 1.5 or more (as you could either be sitting in the bunch out of the wind, or “burning matches” to get into the critical breaks)

Anyway, enough of the “science bit” – here’s the Strava



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