Indoor Session – Virtually Italian

Well – the UK is in the grip of Gales and horizontal rain – I’ve just lost half a dozen Tiles from the roof, and theres no way on gods green/blue earth you’re getting me outside on the bike in this – it nearly blew me off my feet at 6am when I went outside to rescue the wheelybins, 2 of which were breakdancing on the patio, and the third which was making a bid to escape, Dalek like down the garden path…

So, trainer it is then, and my kitchen becomes the streets of Finale Liguria at 5:30am on a summer morning as I fire up the laptop and run the Tacx training software T1956.37 – Milan Sanremo.  The route of this Virtual Training DVD follows the coastline by and large, and is basically the final 80 Km or so of the famous race, including ascents of all the minor Capi and obviously the 2 detours for the ascent of the Cipressa and the Poggio.

There’s a really great google earth “flythough” here to give you some idea of what I’m on about.

The ride is actually quite a serious hill repeats session if taken as a full-resistance ride, which at this stage of my training schedule I’m far from ready for, so – to make it a more manageable affair, I dialed the resistance down to 60% of actual – which still gave a good, sold 2 and a half hour base session, the Strava data seems to imply that I gave it a little more into the Tempo region than I would normally strive for, but, well – i’d had over 90 minutes of base, and felt warm and loose and just wanted to “spin it up” a little on the last two classic hills.  An overall intensity of 0.65 and TSS of 106 for a 2.5 hour ride says I got it largely right – plus the variability index was pretty damned good to at 1.07 – all in all, I’m fairly happy with the ride.

I usually try and find a video clip for the Tacx rides, but at the moment I’m not 100% sure that this one will last very long, as Tacx has a new “remake” of the ride in production, and they often kill off the old links…

Still – it’s nice while it works I guess…




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