Feck me that was cold…

5°c according to the Garmin…  3°c according to the local weather station, or -1°c as wind-chill adjusted.   All I know is I was bloody perishing.   Okay, maybe I’d have been better with a warm breakfast inside me, but I’d a thermal base, a microfleece mid-layer and a wind-proof Roubaix top on, and half way ’round the ride I’d to stop and put my waterproof on to stop my teeth rattling loose in their sockets.

Either the loss of body fat is affecting me badly, or i’m getting bloody soft in my old age…

Nothing much else to add, other than it was an extra 90 minutes of riding in the bank and it was the ride that finally took me over 10,000km or outdoor distance for the year.

Strava stuff for it here…   Read it if you will – I’m away for another coffee – this time probably with a large brandy in it!


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