There’s a streak of Masochism…

… that most cyclists will probably recognise.   I have one day lay-off from the bike and the following day, I’m sat, at 8am, looking out of the window thinking “Need to be Outside Right Now” – despite the rain being lashed at the windows by the 30kph winds.   By 11:30am, it’s got the better of me, the rain has stopped (more or less) and the roads…. well, they’re wet of course.  So what, I’ve got a bike with mudguards now.   Get your lazy arse dressed in your “Flandrian Best” and out there riding.

Eventually, just to stop the “inner voice” berating me, I did, and – do you know what – the hardest 10 metres of the ride was the distance from the doorstep to the kerb.   After that,   I enjoyed pretty much every bit of it.

Today wasn’t really about the Strava, but it’s always good to keep the paperwork up to date – so the link’s here if anyone cares.



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