… And as for 2014

… well – it’s all a little “up in the air” to be honest – pretty major changes to my personal situation last year mean that it’s difficult to have a static plan for the entire year. I know it sounds a little aimless and directionless but here’s what I’m hoping for…

  1.  I’m going back to trying to lose that last 15kg, hopefully without impacting on my power development
  2.  If I’m not working a “day job” then I’m going to shoot for a similar overall ride distance as 2012 and 2013
  3.  I’m definitely going to try and get more variety into my riding – at least once a month, I’d like to get a ride in that’s NOT starting and finishing at the back door of my house – even if it means putting the bike in the car and driving somewhere (which frankly seems a little silly, unless of course it’s to Italy/France/Belgium of course!)
  4. (and I can’t believe I’m typing this!) I’m going to try and get under 27 minutes for a 10, on the course detailed above. I must be mental!
  5. I’m going to make every effort to enjoy every single ride I get to do.

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