Just a Quick Hour on the Trainer again…

I know it’s the sensible option, keep out of the rain and howling winds, and after all, that’s why the not inconsiderable investment in the trainer was made a couple of winters ago.   I still insist that the trainer was probably the main reason I managed to get the weight off and keep it off – because the temptation to sit on the settee eating when I’m snowed / rained off would have got the better of me.

Anyhow, I turned to the Virtual Reality stuff again – this time the “Passo Del Gavia” from the DVD  T1956.32 – Giro Del Mortirolo.   Now, this is a “bit of a swine” of a climb – around 17km of solid climbing – between 7% and 13% from what I remember…   But, as I’ve said, I’m not exactly 100%, so I cranked down the “power setting” on the TTS software to 40% and basically “sat and twiddled the pedals”.

Hey – it’s not a massive workout,  but it’s a bit over 500kCals towards offsetting the Christmas excesses, and, while I’m not 100% and neither is the weather, it’s pretty much do-able every day…

Its not exactly helping the Strava challenges though…  but I’m still uploading the rides like todays….


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