Catchup Post

I’ll admit it…  i’ve been more than a bit useless for a while – had a spell where I’d just nothing to say, so stepped away from this blog for a couple of days.

But, I suppose there’s always time for a catch-up post…

23rd January – Indoor Training – Training with Rabobank (part 1 of 2) – strava details here

24th January – 30km of Base – short spin around the usual fish shaped course – Strave here

25th January – A long walk

26th January – rained off for Sunday “big ride” so did a virtual ride in the sun – Cape Argus VR Ride in Sooth Iffrica… – Strava here

27th January – Recovery spin on the MTB – Strava here

28th January – day off completely

29th January – 30km of base

30th January – 33km of base

31st January – a Virtual Reality ride around a flat loop mapped around eggborough, snaith, boothferry and selby.  Strava here

and that was it for January…





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