About “the Shrinking Cyclist”

About Me

50 Years old, Still Fat, but a hell of a lot LESS fat than 2 years ago…

Why I Want To Get In Shape

Scared shitless Early in July 2011, when my oldest (well – longest standing – he was same age as me) friend dropped dead on the settee after work.


Well – obviously, to be back to what I consider “normal” weight, but it’s a long journey, so I’ve broken it into smaller steps

Starting Weight – 397.7lb – 23rd July 2011
Mini Goal 1 – 350lb – Achieved 27th September 2011
Mini Goal 2 – 315lb – Achieved 2nd December 2011
Mini Goal 3 – 280lb – Achieved 16th March 2012 – hey, 20 Stone is a landmark to me
Mini Goal 4 – 238lb – recommended max weight for Campag. – May just treat myself to a DeRosa c/w Record 11
Goal weight – 210lb – back to my fighting weight.

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