Weekly Catchup

More terrible weather, mainly horrible winds have put a bit of a crimp on riding over the week, though I did get to do a pretty serious ride on Sunday 2nd. Actually, the sun shone for the entire ride, and if it hadn’t been blowing a 20mph wind it’d actually been a really nice day. As it was, the last 25km was into the teeth of the wind, I met the man with the hammer with 10k to go, and by the time I got into the house I’d barely enough energy to hold my head in both hands.

I also did a bit of an experiment with the ride, filming most of it with an action-camera. Just for fun, I’ve uploaded ’em to Kinomap as well. See what you think…

Part 1Part 2 Part 3Part 4

As per usual, there’s also the ride details on Strava here

Monday was pretty much a recovery ride, Tuesday was a solid 30km Base ride, Wednesday I took a rest day (it was pissing down – well, I say down, more horizontally really.   Thursday I managed to step things up a little 43km of base riding.

Which brings us to Friday.   Friday was finally brighter again, though the ridiculous winds were still much in evidence.   Couldn’t face the roadbike, but didn’t want to waste a dry day, so jumped on the MTB instead.   Once again, I decided to give the ActionCamera a go.

(watch for the mudsplash round about 5:25 into the vid…  the water was a LITTLE deeper than expected – as in over the wheelhubs.   Soggy toes for the rest of the ride, as the only way to get through the lake was to carry on pedalling.)

And, so to today.   The winds were even worse today – a good 30mph with gusts of double that.  But, it was bright and dry, so walkies were the order of the day.

Also this week, we’ve had some Schwagg come in – 2 pairs of Planet-X Flanders Softshell Gloves (lovely stuff – brilliant spring and autumn gloves, which are also perfect for local walks in winter.) and, a pair of wierdies…  Planet-X 365 Winter Gloves.   Or as I affectionately call ’em  “the Spock Gloves”.

they may look a bit iffy, but they’re bloody warm…

Outside, Wind in my Hair…

… snot rockets flying all around.   Actually felt up to riding outside today, and I’m glad I did.   Was still pretty windy – just concentrated on keeping the HR under check and not getting too far out of breath on things.   Surprisingly, the power figures came out pretty well – maybe the rest over christmas has given me a chance to regroup a bit, and if I can just shake the dreaded lurgie before that takes the edge off things again I may be coming into the early season on a bit of an up…

In other news, I also got a bit of training related Schwagg from the UPS man today…

Training with "das panzerwagen"...   Oh dear!

Should be …  Interesting, trying to match cadence with “das panzerwagen”…

Shakedown Ride

Short shakedown ride, just to make sure all the silly faffing about I did yesterday swapping the BB, Chainset, Chain and all the rest of the stuff had worked properly.   Slight annoying creak which caused me to return home and run the torque wrench over everything turned out to be the cleat on my left shoe that was worn and full of mud from a couple of rides ago.

Still – at least I know it’s all worked okay, and I’ve managed to fit a trip to the supermarket in as well, so its not a complete bust.

Strava for the ride here

Belated Sunday Ride Report

Yep – didn’t get chance to do a writeup on the sunday ride – frankly the lure of a warm pub and a few beers got in the way.  Then as I arrived home, I ate a bowl of pasta and fell fast asleep in front of the telly.   I’m useless, I really am.   It’s not as if it was a particularly hard / long / tough ride either.   I cut the distance short as I managed to pick up YET ANOTHER puncture and rip on the bloody useless Schwalbe Duranos.   The back tyre is pretty much shredded in under 300km of riding.  3 large holes right the way through the casing plus god knows how many other little tears and cuts that show through to the “breaker band” of blue rubber.   Its off now, and been swapped out for a Durano Plus…  Strangely the front tyre is completely unscathed – maybe I just got a dodgy one.

Anyhoo, strava for the ride is here

Time for a Recalibration

So, it’s jump on the Tacx Trainer, and do a ramp test.

Then, to get my legs working again afterwards dug out an ancient Tacx DVD of  the descent of the Gavia, done in 2 stages, as that’s how the ride was already segmented.

So, we’ve 3 strava sections here…

Ramp Test, Gavia 1, Gavia 2

No video or screenshots, its ANCIENT, and frankly, couldn’t find anything.

Another Sunday…

And another 3 hours+ of nice solid base distance.    Weather was better than I’d expected to be perfectly honest, a bit windy on the homeward leg, but nothing that was either dangerous or which pushed things into a granny-ring grind.

I’m starting to get to grips properly with the Cannondale now I think, actually feeling confident in the slightly different “feel” to the braking from the disks, and of course the extra bit of “heft” to the bike and especially the wheels compared to the Dolan…  It’s strange really, 20 years ago, if someone would have said “here’s a bike that weighs 23lb” I’d have been thrilled skinny.   At the time, my Raleigh SPD 531SL framed Shimano 600 equipped bike with sprints/tubs weighed in at around 25lb – and was considered quite a light machine – and that’s something with 14 speeds, not 20 and single-pull rim brakes that stopped you… eventually….   in the dry.

Yep, we’ve all passed a lot of water under the bridge…

which brings me to my in-ride photo…

Pibroch (Jethro Tull fans will understand...)

I’ve called it “Pibroch” because it was taken just after me having one…  A Pee Break that is…

Anyhoo, there’s a Strava file here for those of you that care, and there’s a pint of Sam Smiths Best Bitter with my name on it at my local, so that’s all for now.


Another 50k of “Base”

That’s about the best that can be said for today – to be honest, it was grey, cold, a little damp and miserable, and frankly, the kind of ride that really only makes sense next summer, when you feel the benefit of it.

Not 100% convinced I’ve sorted the puncture in that back tyre either…

Still – as an exercise in keeping to “base level” riding, it was a definite Yes…   IF 0.594 TSS 82.8 and VI of 1.13 (not bad for a ride with 461m of ascent in there tbh… it’s pretty difficult to keep from dipping into tempo occasionally on that route)

(And for those who are wondering what the hell I mean by that…

TSS and IF explained.    VI – Variability Index, is basically the Normalised power divided by the average power for the ride.   This gives an indication of how variable your power output has been…   the closer to 1.0 it gets, the less “up and down” your power output has been.   Ideally, say, for a Time Trial, you’d want to be at something like 1.04/1.05 (i.e. you’re pretty much putting down an even number of watts all the way, maybe increasing for the last couple of km’s if you’ve still got it in your legs),  whereas in a criterium it could be as variable as 1.5 or more (as you could either be sitting in the bunch out of the wind, or “burning matches” to get into the critical breaks)

Anyway, enough of the “science bit” – here’s the Strava