Shakedown Ride

Short shakedown ride, just to make sure all the silly faffing about I did yesterday swapping the BB, Chainset, Chain and all the rest of the stuff had worked properly.   Slight annoying creak which caused me to return home and run the torque wrench over everything turned out to be the cleat on my left shoe that was worn and full of mud from a couple of rides ago.

Still – at least I know it’s all worked okay, and I’ve managed to fit a trip to the supermarket in as well, so its not a complete bust.

Strava for the ride here

Belated Sunday Ride Report

Yep – didn’t get chance to do a writeup on the sunday ride – frankly the lure of a warm pub and a few beers got in the way.  Then as I arrived home, I ate a bowl of pasta and fell fast asleep in front of the telly.   I’m useless, I really am.   It’s not as if it was a particularly hard / long / tough ride either.   I cut the distance short as I managed to pick up YET ANOTHER puncture and rip on the bloody useless Schwalbe Duranos.   The back tyre is pretty much shredded in under 300km of riding.  3 large holes right the way through the casing plus god knows how many other little tears and cuts that show through to the “breaker band” of blue rubber.   Its off now, and been swapped out for a Durano Plus…  Strangely the front tyre is completely unscathed – maybe I just got a dodgy one.

Anyhoo, strava for the ride is here

Time for a Recalibration

So, it’s jump on the Tacx Trainer, and do a ramp test.

Then, to get my legs working again afterwards dug out an ancient Tacx DVD of  the descent of the Gavia, done in 2 stages, as that’s how the ride was already segmented.

So, we’ve 3 strava sections here…

Ramp Test, Gavia 1, Gavia 2

No video or screenshots, its ANCIENT, and frankly, couldn’t find anything.

Another 50k of “Base”

That’s about the best that can be said for today – to be honest, it was grey, cold, a little damp and miserable, and frankly, the kind of ride that really only makes sense next summer, when you feel the benefit of it.

Not 100% convinced I’ve sorted the puncture in that back tyre either…

Still – as an exercise in keeping to “base level” riding, it was a definite Yes…   IF 0.594 TSS 82.8 and VI of 1.13 (not bad for a ride with 461m of ascent in there tbh… it’s pretty difficult to keep from dipping into tempo occasionally on that route)

(And for those who are wondering what the hell I mean by that…

TSS and IF explained.    VI – Variability Index, is basically the Normalised power divided by the average power for the ride.   This gives an indication of how variable your power output has been…   the closer to 1.0 it gets, the less “up and down” your power output has been.   Ideally, say, for a Time Trial, you’d want to be at something like 1.04/1.05 (i.e. you’re pretty much putting down an even number of watts all the way, maybe increasing for the last couple of km’s if you’ve still got it in your legs),  whereas in a criterium it could be as variable as 1.5 or more (as you could either be sitting in the bunch out of the wind, or “burning matches” to get into the critical breaks)

Anyway, enough of the “science bit” – here’s the Strava


Sunday = Long Ride and Big Dinner

And I cracked it on both counts.   Out for 9am, roads a little damp but at least warm enough that it was just dew not black ice.   Set off with the serious intention of being out for at least 4 hours – around a hour into the ride I managed to pick up a bit of glass in the back tyre, but nothing too serious – fixable and didn’t put too much of a crimp into my ride – though I did drop the thoughts of the extra distance loop going out via Boothferry Bridge, instead going direct from Snaith up towards Selby.    From there it was the usual ride out via Cawood Ryther and Ulleskelf to Towton and back home via Castleford, Altofts and Normanton.   At Warmfield I actually thought “no, stuff it, make up the 100km” so ploughed straight on over Pineapple Hill and down actoss the common and up into Walton before doubling back through Crofton and Home.

A quick mug of something warm and sweet, then out to the local Asda, picked up a Chicken for Sunday Dinner and a Bottle of Red to wash it down with – home again – just in time to spend a couple of hours with a good mate who decided to pay a visit.

Big sunday dinner (at around 7pm – so proper dinner, not lunch) and a couple of hours of music followed by bed and a well earned kip.

Yes, I am writing this the next day – so sue me!

Strava for the ride yesterday is here – today’s definitely going to be a rest day.

Just a Short One

But sweet as a Nut!   Lovely crisp clear winters day, still a bit blowy, but frankly, any day when it’s not raining/snowing/foggy is a bonus at this time of year.   Finished the CaadX’s conversion to winter roadie now, front mudguard fitted and the road pedals back on.   I hate swapping pedals – it’s pretty much a given that every time I swap a pedal out, I end up with the chainring embedded in my thumb.   One day I’ll stop being such a tart and put gloves on before performing the simple task!

Anyway – Strava for todays ride is here

And So, onto the Road Tyres…

Swapped to the Schwalbe Durano‘s last night – Did it make a difference ?…   Did Jack Elam have a squint!

First impressions are that the CaadX rides “like a bike” – just how I wanted, a little more stable geometry than the Dolan as befits the longer wheelbase and clearances, but still nippy enough to handle well.   The Brakes are starting to bed in properly as well now, and if the weather had have been a little less horrible (25mph winds and large threatening black clouds in a 4-5°c temperature) I’d have probably done the full loop.   As the weather was awful, I pretty much set out for a short 16km loop, but despite the weather being minging, I ended up taking an extra add-on, and bumping the distance up a little more – purely because the bike was so enjoyable to ride.

Strava for the ride is here

I also managed pre-ride to get the rear mudguard fitted…

Took a little fettling to get the stays to clear the rear disc brake, and to sort out the bracketry to cope with the CaadX’s slightly strange stay bracing arrangements.

Disc side mudguard stay

Mudguard Seatstay Clip

Mudguard Chainstay Attachment