Catchup Post

I’ll admit it…  i’ve been more than a bit useless for a while – had a spell where I’d just nothing to say, so stepped away from this blog for a couple of days.

But, I suppose there’s always time for a catch-up post…

23rd January – Indoor Training – Training with Rabobank (part 1 of 2) – strava details here

24th January – 30km of Base – short spin around the usual fish shaped course – Strave here

25th January – A long walk

26th January – rained off for Sunday “big ride” so did a virtual ride in the sun – Cape Argus VR Ride in Sooth Iffrica… – Strava here

27th January – Recovery spin on the MTB – Strava here

28th January – day off completely

29th January – 30km of base

30th January – 33km of base

31st January – a Virtual Reality ride around a flat loop mapped around eggborough, snaith, boothferry and selby.  Strava here

and that was it for January…





More Snot…

Having a easy day today – got a couple of miles in yesterday, cold still “in the head” and generally feeling okay, but I’m playing the long game – a steady day, maybe a gentle stroll this afternoon, some good healthy food… including this gorgeous 10 minute italian masterpeice – Rocket and Spinach Linguini.

Spinach & Rocket Linguine



CaadX gets its wheels off the Tarmac

Yep – things went well enough yesterday to drop a little light off-tarmac action into the mix today

Very enjoyable – in a slightly nadgery and worrying way owing to the Sammy Slicks that are fitted…   they’re not bad on tarmac,  and i’m sure they’d be lovely on dry gravel roads, but on wet leaves. they do tend to leave you with your arse looking like a cooking apple…

Ride stuff on Strava here




Pictures of Cross Things, and a Quick Shakedown Ride







Okay – I promised pictures, didn’t I…

CaadX_-1 CaadX_-7 CaadX_-6 CaadX_-5 CaadX_-4 CaadX_-3 CaadX_-2

Thought i’d better get the “beauty shots” in before taking it out for an inaugural ride – mainly as the roads out there are boggin!

And here‘s where I went – you’ll notice it was all on the road today – as a shakedown, I didn’t actually fancy finding out there was a problem with something while in the middle of a 4 mile long muddy path and needing to walk back home through it.