Smiles not Miles – Week 3 Day 5

Day started with lashing rain, but by about 11:30 it was sunny and warm – not warm enough for the roads to be dry of course, but warm enough not to take the fur off my lungs with every breath.

So, dragged the MTB around a short-ish loop in very pleasant feeling sunshine and relatively calm air.

Again,  not exactly cracking any pots, so the Strava’s here but a little meh…

Smiles not Miles – Week 3 Day 3

And today, there were smiles, and mud, lots of mud, and wind, lots of wind, but there were definitely smiles.   Admittedly, one of the widest smiles was on the dial of the old dear walking her dog, who clocked my “Borneo Mud Man” dial and cracked up laughing.   I just smiled back, cracking some of the dirt away and said “They say it’s good for the Complexion” as I rode by…

And that’s what MTB’s were invented for IMO.

Strava (as irrelevant as it is) is here

Time for a Little Mud Sweat and Gears

Though from the Garmin’s figures, doesn’t look to have ben a whole lot of sweating going on.   Intended originally to go for a road-ride, but the heavens opened, while I was warming up with a few stretches, so I hastily changed plans, swapped codes, and jumped on the Mountain Bike instead – primarily because I don’t really mind riding that in all the slop and crap – it’s what it was built for.   The roadbike however, has to last me until I’m light enough to swap for something light, fast, and italian…   and no – I don’t mean Valentino Rossi – I’m thinking more DeRosa / Campagnolo 😉