Post TT Leg Stretcher

Woke this morning to a bad case of “Wooden Legs” – the TT yesterday must have take far more out of me than I thought.   20 Minutes of stretching and another 15 of attacking the legs with the rolling pin and I was up and about.   Looked like I was doing an impression of Douglas Bader, but I was up and about.

Eventually I managed to shuffle around enough to get myself fed and watered, and ready for a ride – I knew that frankly the only thing that’d loosen me up properly was getting out again for a hour or so.   So – that’s what I did – and amazingly enough it worked!

Strava details are here – it’s strange – on RP it felt like I was loafing around, but according to the IF and TSS scores (0.874 and 81.3 respectively) it would seem that either a) I was working harder than I thought or b) that my FTP figure is not right.  My money is on the FTP figure, and frankly, after my next day off the bike, I’m going to get a PROPER FTP torture test done and start working with sensible figures.

Rest of the day has been consumed by a quick trip to Aldi to check out their annual winter Cyclewear sale – Merino base’s had sold out in my size, but I snagged a surprisingly good quality LS compression base layer for  the coming months – and a hour or so of wholesale deforestation in the jungle outside my house that I laughingly refer to as a Garden.