Belated Sunday Ride Report

Yep – didn’t get chance to do a writeup on the sunday ride – frankly the lure of a warm pub and a few beers got in the way.  Then as I arrived home, I ate a bowl of pasta and fell fast asleep in front of the telly.   I’m useless, I really am.   It’s not as if it was a particularly hard / long / tough ride either.   I cut the distance short as I managed to pick up YET ANOTHER puncture and rip on the bloody useless Schwalbe Duranos.   The back tyre is pretty much shredded in under 300km of riding.  3 large holes right the way through the casing plus god knows how many other little tears and cuts that show through to the “breaker band” of blue rubber.   Its off now, and been swapped out for a Durano Plus…  Strangely the front tyre is completely unscathed – maybe I just got a dodgy one.

Anyhoo, strava for the ride is here

Catchup Time

Missed Logging for a while… Lots of other “real life” crap caught up with me, didn’t ride as much as I’d like, and hadn’t time to do anything much  more than upload to strava and eat something before getting immersed in RL crap again.

12th November Ride

13th – just a walk, to blow the cobwebs away

14th November Ride

15th November Ride

16th November Ride

17th/18th Bugger All – lazy sod that I am…

19th November Ride

Basically, my Washing machine blew up, I spent a couple of days fixing it, and it going wrong again, followed by a day organising a new one,  then getting the new one replaced as that one didn’t work either.   If you look at the rides, you’ll see they were on the MTB – read “covered in shit from head to toe”, and by the 17/18th I’d basically run out of riding kit, so couldn’t get out if I tried!



Smiles not Miles – Week 4 Day 2

Smiles…  did anyone mention smiles…   Angry Words, Yes,  Shaking Fist and Swearing at the Computer, Yes, but Smiles… Nope.

First 2 rides were aborted in short order as the TTS software crashed – turned out Windows 8.1 was having a “update fest” and was hogging all the system resources so the whole training software kept dying on it’s arse.   That’s a technical term BTW.

Anyway, got the whole load of updates installed, rebooted, left it to moulder for 10 minutes just in case, then got a good ride in.   Just as well, as I was nearly at the point of selling up and buying a Wahoo Kickr.

Still – mustn’t grumble

3 strava’s here – 1 , 2  and 3

Smiles not Miles – Week 2 Day 5

Short, sweet, and ended with a hissing sound.   Yep – thoroughly enjoyable first half of my normal loop ended in a slow puncture – pulled the tyre but couldn’t find the source of the problem so thought “blow it back up with the same inner tube, it’ll make the hole big enough to find, and you’ll find the glass in the tyre that way.   So I refitted, blew tyre up and rode towards home.  The buggering thing stayed relatively inflated all the way home – at home, removed things again and ended having to trace the puncture with the bowl of water trick – at which point, I found the tint speck of glass that’d done the damage.   Sadly, after a proper look at the tyre, it was really not worth refitting as it was so worn – dropped a nearly new Continental GP4000 25mm on the wheel – the one that I’d pensioned off when I built the Dolan in spring, as it was “a bit close” on the front wheel – it’s pretty much just about “run in” so that’ll stay on there at least until the Dolan get’s its winter vacation on arrival of the Cannondale CAADX.

Strava for the bit of a ride I managed is here – low on miles, time, and most importantly calories to offset any potential Beer consumption this evening …  oh dear.


Just had an email from Planet-X – owing to a problem with stocking levels, they’re unable to ship my Cyclocross bike until the next consignment of frames arrive from China.   As this is scheduled for something like late November,  I chose to cancel, and re-order later…   frankly, there’s no way I’m happy giving anyone over a grand to reserve a bike until a unspecified date, at least 2 months from now (and possibly even further ahead, knowing what the chinese factories approach to shipping dates for smaller (read less than 20 container-loads!) orders can be…

So – no ‘crosser this week – unless someone can come up with another company that are selliing a carbon framed disk braked ‘cross bike with 105 gears for under £1,100 of course…

Dammit, Dammit, DAMMIT!!

Well – there goes my lucky run when it comes to not getting crocked.   The “niggle” I’ve had in my left thigh turned into a “that’s not a niggle, it’s a proper pull…” during some very, very gentle pre-ride stretches today – and before anyone says anything, yes – my muscles were warm beforehand!.   Needless to say, the ride has gone out the window.   I’m going to be a good boy, and look after myself – after all, I’ve already hit my targeted Km’s for the month – I’d sooner have a couple of days “sans-velo”, and come back right, than struggle through and churn out a bunch of junk Km’s, and possibly do more damage in the process.

Of course, it’s really going to put a crimp in any weight loss hopes for this week – I’m pretty sure there’s not much chance of more than half a kilo on diet alone – and that’s not allowing for my being depressed, missing my bike, and in reach of the Jaffa Cakes and within easy distance of the ‘fridge… 😦