Oh the weather outside is frightful…

… but silly bollocks here still went out for a ride in it.

Managed 30km barely, eighty-odd minutes of abject misery and getting blown all over the bloody place.   Stats from the powermeter say it all as far as how pleasant it was – TSS 87.3 IF 0.877 VI 1.127 and 27% of the ride at threshold or above…   which, for a nice steady couple of hours of base/tempo riding (for that was what was on the slate for today) is frankly a complete clusterfuck!

I wasn’t even out for long enough to “burn my beer” for tonight.   Not entirely a happy bunny, in all honesty.

Strava for the ride’s here – i’m just going to try and forget it.

Another Sunday…

And another 3 hours+ of nice solid base distance.    Weather was better than I’d expected to be perfectly honest, a bit windy on the homeward leg, but nothing that was either dangerous or which pushed things into a granny-ring grind.

I’m starting to get to grips properly with the Cannondale now I think, actually feeling confident in the slightly different “feel” to the braking from the disks, and of course the extra bit of “heft” to the bike and especially the wheels compared to the Dolan…  It’s strange really, 20 years ago, if someone would have said “here’s a bike that weighs 23lb” I’d have been thrilled skinny.   At the time, my Raleigh SPD 531SL framed Shimano 600 equipped bike with sprints/tubs weighed in at around 25lb – and was considered quite a light machine – and that’s something with 14 speeds, not 20 and single-pull rim brakes that stopped you… eventually….   in the dry.

Yep, we’ve all passed a lot of water under the bridge…

which brings me to my in-ride photo…

Pibroch (Jethro Tull fans will understand...)

I’ve called it “Pibroch” because it was taken just after me having one…  A Pee Break that is…

Anyhoo, there’s a Strava file here for those of you that care, and there’s a pint of Sam Smiths Best Bitter with my name on it at my local, so that’s all for now.


Soggy Sunday

Things I Have Learned today.

  1. Don’t get all Excited about getting out for a proper long ride and forget your drinks bottle.
  2. Weather Forecasts of Sunny Dry Cold Mornings are seldom correct.
  3. Sammy Slicks aren’t slick, and kick up lots of spray from the road.
  4. After 2 hours of Salt Spray from the front wheel, you really miss having a Drink with you.
  5. Theres a reason I spent Months getting my road shoes set up properly with orthotics etc. and frankly, I should have swapped to road pedals and shoes for a 3 hour ride, rather than sticking with the SPD’s
  6. Despite all the above, I really, REALLY enjoyed my morning out on the bike…

Strava stuff for it is here, in case anyone’s interested.

Month 8 Update

Month 8 – 23rd February 2012 to 22nd March 2012

Starting Weight 288.9lb –  Closing  weight 278.4lb – Weight loss of 10.5lb

Starting BMI 38.3  – Closing BMI 36.9 – BMI drop of 1.4 points

Exercise Stats

21 days featured a ride on the bike, for a total of 32h45min,

Average speed 14.8 mph

Miles Rode 483.57 (only 105.30 of which being indoor miles)

Calories Burned 32,306 ( or the equivalent of  9.23lb of fat! – Once again, I’ve been eating some of the calories back.   I’ve also amended the calorie burn figures using a couple of handy power calculation plugins in Sportstrack3, which take the existing speed, incline and HR data from the Garmin, add in weather details (i.e. wind speed and direction) and muscle efficiency data factor and come up with a power output.   This it then used to provide a more accurate calorie information – one that is substantially lower than the figures calculated by the garmin – hence the greatly reduced burn figure this month.

Did well on the riding front, good mileage, if a little less than the prior month – the cold took it’s toll early doors,  but since then I’ve been able to stay mainly on the road and off the trainer, hence the reduced average speed.   And – I finally cracked the 20 stone mark.   Next goal – 17 stone – or 238lb for the former colonials 107.5kg for the continentals.

Over-Thinking things…

Well – i’ve had a day off today – spent it catching up with all the “domestic” stuff plus a little side project with photography. I’m a moderator on a photography Forum (yes, there is a life outside of Blogging, MFP, Garmin Connect and the riding the Bike…) and last year I decided to mark my Birthday with a “Travelling Camera” thread – I boxed up a plastic fantastic Holga film camera, 5 rolls of film and a bunch of prepaid return envelopes for the film. I then called for volunteers to shoot some pictures on film – a new experience for some of the members smile Anyway – to cut things short, the second roll of film finally popped through the letterbox yesterday – so I just HAD to develop and scan the pictures, didn’t I laugh

To be honest though, I’d had three pretty tough (for me) days on the bike – I’ve been trying to up my mileage, and the last three days have seen me manage 92 miles – not bad for someone who was averaging maybe 7-8 miles a day last August!

Anyway, while I was waiting for the negatives to dry, I spent a while on the computer, going over my calorie burn figures etc. and had a little bit of a scary thought. I’ve been booking down the calorie burn from the Garmin, as an addition to the figure given to me for food rations by MFP. The problem is, as I understand it, the Garmin’s figure is the TOTAL # of kcals burned in that 105 minutes. Which means If I add in this total to MFP I’m double-counting my BMR for that 105 minutes. It’s not been over critical, as frankly, I’ve not been eating back most of the exercise calories – however – as the time on the bike is increasing, as is the number of kcals burned, obviously i’m going to have to begin to do so – otherwise i’m going to end up with the dreaded “bonk” 40 miles from home…

Also, it helps explain the “hole” in my figures – I’d calculated my food shortfall calories, added in my riding calories, totalled the figures up each month and divided by 3500 – the figure my Dr. told me constituted a lb. of body fat. And whaddya know – I was losing a bit less than I should have all the time. However, re-visiting the figures with the “BMR Adjustment” applied, and the overall accuracy improved quite substantially. At the moment, I’m not going to worry about this – it’s quite a chunk of extra math/spreadsheet work, but as the miles increase, and the time on the bike goes up, the “buggeration factor” will become more material.

To put a few figures on it – yesterday’s ride was 1h45m – and booked as 2116 kcal. My BMR per the MFP tools is 2239kcal/day or (2239/(24*60)=1.55486kcal / minute – or 163 kcal for the ride duration. So – I should have booked the ride as 1953 kcals instead.

So In summary: What We have learned today:

  1. It was sunny and dry, and I should have gone out on the bike.
  2. Old School film takes too long to dry, and leaves me too much time to think about things.
  3. I need to keep busier, or I end up over-thinking things. laugh


Month 6 Diet Roundup

Month 6 – 23rd December 2011 to 22nd January 2012

Starting Weight 305.0lb –  Closing  weight 296.6lb – Weight loss of 8.4lb

Starting BMI 40.4  – Closing BMI 39.3 – BMI drop of 1.1 points

Exercise Stats

23 days spent on the bike, for a total of 27h47min,

Average speed 15.0 mph

Miles Rode 416.6 (223.19 of which being indoor miles)

Calories Burned 41,630 ( or the equivalent of  11.89lb of fat! – a 141.59% contribution to the overall weight loss this month – which is worrying!)

Did well on the riding front, good mileage, albeit lots of it on the trainer, rather than the road – hence the high average speed.   Attempting to up the mileage all-round is helping, but of course christmas, and all it’s temptations stepped in – I definitely ate, drank and made merry – and if I hadn’t ride the bike, I’d have gained weight over the month – probably 3.5-4lb I reckon.  I actually parcelled up the scales and didn’t weigh in over the festive period – but between 24th dec and 5th Jan I gained 5.8lb… so all things considered, a net loss of 8.4lb in the month isn’t all that bad…

On the positive side – im no longer a member of the 300-Club !!   Next stop under 20-Stone !!!

Out to Snaith and a Quick Burn Home…

Finally plucked up the courage to go and do a decent duration ride after my Knee Injury last year – something other than variations on my “local loop”. Decided I fancied a ride somewhere a little flatter than my typical stuff, so headed out in a Easterly direction, towards the flatter areas around Snaith and Selby. Once you get the first 7-8 miles out of the way, it’s actually a really nice flattish ride, where you can concentrate on just spinning a nice gear and getting the base mileage in – just the thing for this time of year – and indeed, when I was younger / keener / racier / thinner / all of the previous, this “lollypop” shaped ride was one of my favoured base mileage runs – though I’ll admit, I would probably have put in 3 or four laps of the loop before heading back home in those days.

A quick tracklog of the ride is here as recorded on the Garmin 705 – and what the log doesn’t tell you was that it was a very pleasant day – totally unlike the rest of this month so far, finally the wind dropped to maybe 8-10 mph (as a headwind on the last 1/3 or so of the ride) instead of the 40+ it’s been since 2011. Was just warm enough to not be unpleasant – needed the full winter kit, and arrived home with a cold nose, but warm everything else, which is great in my book…

Even managed a quick snap of the bike when I stopped to retrieve a energy bar from my base layer shirt pocket (it was a SIS Go Bar – and unless you get ’em warm somehow, they’re barely chewable.)

Excuse the crappy smartphone photo quality – but I’m not about to carry my EOS 7D and 24-105L around, just for a snap of the bike mid-ride…

All things considered it was a great afternoon out riding, and has certainly made me feel a little more confident in getting out and riding a little longer distances.