Training Program Day 3 – optional ride

Decided as the weather was good, to take the option of a 2 hour low intensity ride…   and what better way to keep the thrashing down and the fun levels up but to throw a leg over the MTB for a change – anyway, the old Inbred had been feeling a little neglected…

So, time to get some mud on my tyres and grit between my teeth.   We’ll call it a combined Active recovery and Handling Skills ride, as it was EXTREMELY muddy after last nights downpours!

Ended up being out for 2 1/4 hours of gentle bimbling about, got RENDERD in mud, and amazingly, didn’t fall off once!

Strava (not that this was what it was all about really) for the ride is here


There’s a streak of Masochism…

… that most cyclists will probably recognise.   I have one day lay-off from the bike and the following day, I’m sat, at 8am, looking out of the window thinking “Need to be Outside Right Now” – despite the rain being lashed at the windows by the 30kph winds.   By 11:30am, it’s got the better of me, the rain has stopped (more or less) and the roads…. well, they’re wet of course.  So what, I’ve got a bike with mudguards now.   Get your lazy arse dressed in your “Flandrian Best” and out there riding.

Eventually, just to stop the “inner voice” berating me, I did, and – do you know what – the hardest 10 metres of the ride was the distance from the doorstep to the kerb.   After that,   I enjoyed pretty much every bit of it.

Today wasn’t really about the Strava, but it’s always good to keep the paperwork up to date – so the link’s here if anyone cares.


More Base

Better weather – sun shining, but windy and cold.   No, make that COLD.   Dressed in my full “Belgian Sunday Best” and i was fucking freezing!

Garmin said average of 7°c, wind chill making it feel more like 1°c.   It felt colder frankly.   Compared to last year I’m really starting to feel the difference in the amount of body-fat % and the loss if “inbuilt” insulation.   Which I suppose is a good thing – but it didn’t really feel like it at times today.

Strava for the ride here.

Think this might be the calm before the storm to be honest…   forecast for next couple of days is bogging!


Back to (Nearly) Normal Riding

Slightly truncated version of my usual long loop today, added in the “gratuitous loop around warmfield” just for gits and shiggles, and fully intended hitting the complete 50km special, but weakened at the last hurdle and went home for a mug of hot chocolate instead.

Last ride for now on the ‘cross tyres – fitted the Schwalbe Durano’s this evening, reducing rolling resistance substantially, plus losing maybe 300g from each hoop as the “sammy slicks” were the wire beaded variant and weighed as much as the wheel they were fitted to (or so it seemed at least!)

Flickr for the ride is here

Soggy Sunday

Things I Have Learned today.

  1. Don’t get all Excited about getting out for a proper long ride and forget your drinks bottle.
  2. Weather Forecasts of Sunny Dry Cold Mornings are seldom correct.
  3. Sammy Slicks aren’t slick, and kick up lots of spray from the road.
  4. After 2 hours of Salt Spray from the front wheel, you really miss having a Drink with you.
  5. Theres a reason I spent Months getting my road shoes set up properly with orthotics etc. and frankly, I should have swapped to road pedals and shoes for a 3 hour ride, rather than sticking with the SPD’s
  6. Despite all the above, I really, REALLY enjoyed my morning out on the bike…

Strava stuff for it is here, in case anyone’s interested.

Catchup Time

Missed Logging for a while… Lots of other “real life” crap caught up with me, didn’t ride as much as I’d like, and hadn’t time to do anything much  more than upload to strava and eat something before getting immersed in RL crap again.

12th November Ride

13th – just a walk, to blow the cobwebs away

14th November Ride

15th November Ride

16th November Ride

17th/18th Bugger All – lazy sod that I am…

19th November Ride

Basically, my Washing machine blew up, I spent a couple of days fixing it, and it going wrong again, followed by a day organising a new one,  then getting the new one replaced as that one didn’t work either.   If you look at the rides, you’ll see they were on the MTB – read “covered in shit from head to toe”, and by the 17/18th I’d basically run out of riding kit, so couldn’t get out if I tried!



Smiles not Miles – Week 5 Day 4

Another surprisingly pleasant day, would have been daft not to ride – just did a fairly steady hour and a half, dropped in a couple of gratuitous loops to comply with a daft challenge I’ve been running on the MyFitnessPal website, and other than that, just enjoyed one of the final roll-arounds I’m likely to get on the Dolan this year before it goes into mothballs for the winter – i.e. whenever the Cannondale actually arrives…

Ride details via Strava are here, for anyone made enouugh to be interested.