Back to (Nearly) Normal Riding

Slightly truncated version of my usual long loop today, added in the “gratuitous loop around warmfield” just for gits and shiggles, and fully intended hitting the complete 50km special, but weakened at the last hurdle and went home for a mug of hot chocolate instead.

Last ride for now on the ‘cross tyres – fitted the Schwalbe Durano’s this evening, reducing rolling resistance substantially, plus losing maybe 300g from each hoop as the “sammy slicks” were the wire beaded variant and weighed as much as the wheel they were fitted to (or so it seemed at least!)

Flickr for the ride is here


Smiles not Miles – Week 5 Day 7

End of the smiley-smiley section I think…

Today was a complete clusterfuck from start to finish – decided to chance one last ride on the “fast” bike before mothballing it, hoping for a good long day out – roads covered in ice, not yet gritted so bloody awful, then 25km in I hit what I thought was a bit of ice broken out of a frozen puddle.   Wrong, it was glass. Cut a chunk out of the front tyre, latex in inner-tube couldn’t hold it so sprayed all over the place.  Ended up with tyre held together with a Quavers packet found in the hedgerow and limping home for a measly 52.5km on what’s now looking like the nicest, sunniest day we’ve had in a fortnight once the streets are finally aired.

I am NOT a happy bunny.


Strava stuff is here for future reference…

Smiles not Miles – Week 5 Day 5

Cooler and Grey-er than yesterday, but dry and calm, and – frankly – at this time of year, thats good enough for me.

Yet again, feeling a little closer to being back “on it” – bit quicker, less snot and lung-butter being produced, and the HR almost identical to yesterday, but with a 5% improvement in normalised power.   Yeah Baby, Yeah!!

Strava stuff here for the data obsessives…

Probably off the bike tomorrow, then, weather permitting a longer one on Sunday… (with the obligatory pause for a couple of minutes at 11:00 am obviously!)


Smiles not Miles – Week 5 Day 4

Another surprisingly pleasant day, would have been daft not to ride – just did a fairly steady hour and a half, dropped in a couple of gratuitous loops to comply with a daft challenge I’ve been running on the MyFitnessPal website, and other than that, just enjoyed one of the final roll-arounds I’m likely to get on the Dolan this year before it goes into mothballs for the winter – i.e. whenever the Cannondale actually arrives…

Ride details via Strava are here, for anyone made enouugh to be interested.


Smiles not Miles – Week 5 Day 3

After a day off to address “undercarriage issues” I’m back on the case again today – a bit of a grey one, but the winds dropped substantially, and, more to the point, I could actually sit on the saddle today!   Actually, the easy day and a day off following has done me a power of good – the colds really cleared up, breathing much better and managed to actually “give it the beans” a bit on some of the hillier bits.

Yeah – felt pretty good to be honest.

Strava file pretty much backs that up as well  here